Click, Click, Click!

Lying in the Tucson sun, scrolling through my phone, seeing people move at their respective pace, I usually wonder that what is the craziest thing happened to human kind? I mean there has been a lot of discoveries but internet has surely caused a frenzy out there. I mean what a wonderful place is the internet!  Internet is also a crazy, crazy place. Anything and everything is available to us since the internet has reached to the masses.The Internet  is ta global system of interconnected computer networks that uses the Internet protocol suite to communicate between networks and devices. It is a network of networks that consists of private, public, academic, business, and government networks of local to global scope, linked by a huge variety of electronic, wireless, and optical networking technologies. The Internet carries a broad range of information resources and services, such as the inter-linked hypertext documents and applications of the World Wide Web (WWW), electronic mail, telephony, and file sharing. Internet is home to various websites and web pages and every website has a unique URL(Uniform Resource Locator).

Internet is a saving grace for today’s generation as it is highly useful in every aspect of life and nowadays, almost every household has an internet service provider because be it a child, an adult or an old person, everyone requires internet. Common methods of Internet access by users include broadband with a computer modem through telephone circuits, broadband over coaxial cable, fiber optics or copper wires, Wi-Fi, satellite, and cellular telephone technology (e.g. 3G, 4G). Taking the current situation in mind, internet is the pillar on which our whole society is resting, that is, studying is online, work is online, shopping is online , dating is online and even getting married is online(true story). You surely got the gist of it that internet is one of the most important tool we possess.

There are some websites that have made way into our homes and lives to make our lives easier, they are called E commerce websites . These websites save us time, money and efforts as we can do everything while sitting at home, there is no need to go out and shop extensively as they provide us with an instant home delivery option. With the likes of websites like Amazon our shopping experience has become a treat as it can be done while sitting on your bed, sipping tea without any hassle. In places like shops and malls, there is a lot of crowd to deal with, moreover, a lot of unwanted options and unsolicited opinions come our way, so to avoid the chaos offline, shopping online is a way better option. Everything from a pin to an airplane is available on the internet, be it the soap you use or the food that you eat or the clothes and shoes you wear, everything is affordable, authentic and available. Not only junk food, but best health food stores in Tucson are also just a click away. An affordable, quick and hassle free way to shop is the in thing and I guess this process would surely last for a while as it has made people more carefree and relaxed.

Sisters Before Misters!

Just when I think that I couldn’t be luckier, my sister goes ahead and does something unthinkable. My elder sister is not actually my sister, she is my second mother, although she is only five years elder to me but she has been a nurturing person since I was born, as my mother told me that my I always fell asleep in my sister’s lap and she gladly offered help to my mother even though she was herself a child, as we grew up, she knew that I was a shy and a coy child, she always taught me to be tough because she knew that the world is cruel and if I don’t toughen up, I won’t be able to face the world, all by myself. Since we were kids, she made me watch WWE because she wanted me learn some moves for my self defense, in fact, when I was seven years old, I was climbing up to my house(I lived on first floor), a man came up to me and he engaged me in a conversation, I was a child and couldn’t figure out his motives so I kept talking, while talking I suddenly felt his hands on my thigh and then he started going up, suddenly I started feeling uncomfortable and then I remembered what my sister had taught me, to be tough, so I mustered up all my courage and hit that man hardly with my leg and ran away from his clutches. I might’ve been kidnapped or molested, but my sister’s teachings came into handy.

Later in life, my sister became my best friend, I shared everything with her, from my dissapointments to achievements, from my boy troubles to my happiness, you get the gist of it-EVERYTHING. As I turned eighteen , I started demanding my parents to send me on a trip with my friends, alone and obviously, my parents denied, I did everything to convince them- I cried, blackmailed them, requested them, but nothing seemed to work. Then, my sister wore the cape and came to my rescue, I do not know how but she managed to convince them. I was cloud nine. Although, she was a little skeptical(was concerned about my safety) and upset(she couldn’t convince our parents for her own trips) but she was even more excited than me and finally, I took the trip. This incident made me believe that she indeed is my super woman!

When my sister got married to the love of her life, I was the happiest person on the face of this earth, I was the most excited and I danced the most, but somewhere deep inside I was worried that now her love for me will be reduced because now she would be moving to her husband’s house. While dancing on the dance floor, I excused myself for a minute because I had tears in my eyes , of course she saw it and ran after me to check if I was okay. In the beginning I denied that I will not miss her or I will be happy to sleep on the bed alone(the old sibling corny arguments) but inside, I knew I will miss her the most. She then kissed me on my head and said that for her, it will always be sisters before misters. We both hugged each other and thought it was an Instagram worthy moment, we clicked some really cool pictures, saw some sister insta caption ideas and posted them instantly.

It is rightly said-“Sister. She is your mirror, shining back at you with a world of possibilities. She is your witness, who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you anyway. She is your partner in crime, your midnight companion, someone who knows when you are smiling, even in the dark. She is your teacher, your defense attorney, your personal press agent, even your shrink. Some days, she’s the reason you wish you were an only child.”
—Barbara Alpert


Why are Gujaratis the best business people

If you are lucky to have a Gujarati friend like I do, you must have got some insights into how the mind of Gujarati people works. While there are Gujaratis who have their jobs, owning and running a business on their own is a hereditary trait that makes them think about business like nobody else. One of the most interesting things about Gujaratis who work under someone else is that they will try and learn all they can to start a business of their own. To add to it, most Gujaratis have family businesses. All they have to do is just take the baton from their fathers or whoever elderly runs the business.

Apart from the hereditary factor, there are many other things which account for the steady growth of Gujaratis as entrepreneurs. The next generation of entrepreneurs coming for Gujarat are tech-savvy. They have a holistic approach when it comes to operating a business. They focus on taking the business to a global stage. They use the power of the internet to make the business operation smooth. They keep innovating and trying out new things. This is one of the crucial factors that make Gujaratis top business people not just in India but all over the world.

I have a friend who is the owner of a top Ahmedabad SEO company. He talks about business to me and I have learned a lot from him. When I was starting my business, it was he who helped me with the basics. Now when I want to take my business online, I searched for the top Ahmedabad SEO company and found him. This is how innovative they are. They spread their business far and wide and there is a high chance of finding a Gujarati in all the major business sectors in the world.

One thing that I really like about Gujaratis is that they are risk-takers. When they start a business, they take the full responsibility to run it and bring it to the top. You can find Gujaratis migrating to the remotest corners of the world to set up their business. They are ready to tackle any threat coming their way. They are the real risk-takers in the world of business.

Another thing that really intrigues me about Gujarati business people is their sense of adaptation. They can evolve and adapt to any kind of situation to make their business functional and profitable. If a work is deemed to bring them money, they are going to try all the variations to turn that into a full-fledged business.

Aso, there’s a strong sense of community in Gujaratis. They are always ready to help their community members in growing. Collective strength is what makes them successful in the long run.

Those were some of the best things about the Gujarati business people. Hope you found this information useful.

Major Benefits Of Living Your Life In Dubai

Dubai is one of the most luxurious places on this planet and without a doubt you can live a peaceful life with a bank balance full of funds. Many people chose to build their careers in Dubai and in many other regions of UAE just because they reward with good pay and rights to every individual. If you are a person from any other country living in any part of UAE then you must use the UAE Salary Calculator to convert your dirham into dollars, pounds, or INR.

Apart from a good lifestyle and high standard of living there are certainly more things that Dubai has to offer as compared to other countries. Some of the major factors and major benefits of living in Dubai are listed down here.

Travel Anywhere

When you earn more you tend to travel more and this is true. Every person in this world wants to travel to places, new destinations, and explore what surrounds them. Most importantly Dubai is the center from where you can fly anywhere in the world. Dubai is home to the most number of connecting flights in the world and due to this, you can fly anywhere around this world at a very cheaper rate. If you are not interested in going anywhere in the world, you can travel to the middle eastern region nearby and explore all the major attractions of the nation.

Work Opportunities

Dubai has a lot of potentials when it comes to delivering jobs to suitable candidates with the desired skill set. There are many sectors where a person can be employed in Dubai, like the tourism sector, real-estate, medical or financial sector. The payout here in Dubai is very high even if you compare it with big nations like The USA or The U.K. Maybe that is the reason why many foreign people come to invest their money in Dubai markets.

Increase Your Wealth

If you are living in Dubai then there are great chances that you might increase your wealth at a significantly fast pace. Due to the favorable tax laws on the income of individuals and businesses, there are more savings and with high income per person, you can enjoy the luxury but at the same time, you can save money for your future use. This is the main reason why people are interested in working for Dubai corporates.

Luxury Life

There is absolutely no doubt that people who live in Dubai have a quality of life far better than many other countries. The royalty that you can enjoy here in Dubai, cannot be matched with any other nation. Dubai has the most luxury cuisines, hotels, and restaurants in the world with best in class services offered by the people everywhere. Your living standard can remarkably go up if you go and live in Dubai for some time.


Dubai does not have legislation that grants the freedom to hold and possess arms to its people or inhabitants. Surprisingly, crime and weapon fatalities are practically non-existent in Dubai – and any of the other seven Emirates that make up the UAE. The people in Dubai are well civilized and educated. Dubai has a very low crime rate compared to nearby nations.

Is It Worth It To Buy Bitcoins In 2020?

Bitcoins have been here in the market for a very long time and people are always furious about investing their money trading and mining bitcoins. There are huge profits involved in both trading and mining bitcoins which is the main reason why it has been the favorite cryptocurrency of all the investors willing to invest their money and yield more profits from it.

Trading is the easiest and most basic way to earn from bitcoins and most people usually are involved in this only. But before getting into a trade with someone you need to have adequate knowledge about trading principles and also basic information about bitcoin’s market and their value in the current market.

Mining is yet another way by which bitcoiners earn money online. This blockchain technology is a safe and secure way to get more bitcoins by using hardware and solving mathematical puzzles to and once it has been approved by the network, you get more bitcoins out of it. The transaction fees are also included while mining those bitcoins. Some online btc generator software also helps in mining bitcoins quite easily.

If you are interested in investing your money in bitcoins in the year 2020 then you must clear some things in your mind regarding bitcoins and their performance in the market. You need to understand whether it is risky for you or not? After getting answers to all these basic things you can decide whether it is worth investing in or not.

Bitcoin is at the “high risk” side of the investment range. The cost of virtual currencies is unstable; many may go terribly wrong, some might be frauds, and sometimes one can sometimes boost opportunities for generating returns for investors. 

Cryptocurrencies can stay only as a trend, or become popular, maybe they can simply disappear without any hint or anything behind them and any funding that you do in this niche can be classified as a severe risk. 

Just like with any financing, do your thorough research and also don’t attach all your expectations with one corporation or one virtual currency: extend your funds so you scatter the risks. So the risks are here with crypto’s but the investment made with deep research can be fruitful for the people who are investing in it.

As bitcoins are not under the control of the government, they are very easy to obtain and the transaction is fast and secure due to the blockchain network. Here the identity of the sender and the receiver is not revealed and the transaction takes place within 10 minutes. With the growing awareness of people regarding cryptocurrencies, it can be said that in the near future you may see big organizations accepting bitcoin as a valid medium of exchange. Even at this point in time some countries and some big corporations are considering crypto’s as valid and legal funding. So, people who are willing to invest in the crypto market can take advantage of this growing sector and make instant profits with great returns on their investments.

So, is it really worth buying bitcoins in 2020? After reading this you can deice yourself as it is your lookout to invest your money into something. As far as we have to suggest, we will definitely suggest you start investing in small terms and check out the returns you are getting for your investment and if you find it interesting and fruitful for yourself you can continue investing in bitcoins.

Best countries to live in the world

Everybody has a dream to go on a foreign tour and if possible, settle themselves abroad. When you say, settling abroad it does not mean picking out any country of the globe, packing your luggage and just walking away. There are certain prospects and requirements to choose that country. Here we are going to discuss those prospects, why you should choose that country to live in.

1. Personal freedom

The first thing you should have in your life is freedom. You cannot think of a life where there is no freedom. Freedom does not mean you are under someone’s supervision. Freedom means you have the right to speak about your feelings, you can do whatever you like (all the legal work), practice your religion without hurting others’ sentiments.

2. Cost of living

The cost of living varies from country to country. For example, Switzerland is the most expensive country to live in followed by Norway, Iceland, Japan and more. You cannot cut down some of the expenses like food, accommodation, utilities. So, you must go through the cost of expenses you can afford to move on.

3. Healthcare

In this competitive world, you forget the value of your health and ignore spending some time on it. So before moving check through the healthcare facilities and healthcare insurance available in that country. No doubt, many of the developed countries consist of top-class hospitals, equipment and services. Many of the European countries, the United States, the gulf countries like the UAE have the best hospitality care for all kinds of diseases. One of the most interesting things about the UAE is that it has the best insurance policies for any category. You will be amazed to know that some of the best Insurance companies in the UAE also have their presence in most of the European countries. 

4. Education and Jobs

Education and Jobs are one of the important factors that should be given importance when you are thinking of moving to a different country. Because education is the greatest gift that cannot be earned by money. It is the process through which you can acquire knowledge, skill, value, and moral habits. It is also very important to improve knowledge, way of living along with the social and economic status of your life. With better education, you can expect a better job. Opportunities are many. You must have the courage to follow them and move forward. Job is not only an income source but also defines your standard of living and status in your society. So move to a country where you find a better opportunity in education and jobs and having low unemployment as the rate of unemployment is increasing day by day.

5. Safety and Security

Every year IEP releases a Global Peace Index report of different countries. Follow the list and make up your mind to choose the country based on the safety and security followed there. Take a proper survey of the rate of robbery, pickpocket, thieves, terrorists, a natural disaster takes place. Measure the happiness of the citizen of the country.

Many people want to enjoy the natural beauty present around their surroundings and some on the high skyscrapers around them. If you are a natural lover look for natural destinations like mountains, beaches, waterfall, the natural scenario for pure air, and a peaceful mind. And if you love to be around Manhattan, there are various countries such as Italy, Japan, the US, UAE, Switzerland and more.

So, taking into account the above-mentioned points, you would find it easy and have a better idea to pick out the best country to live in the world.

Spirulina Cures Acne

Spirulina has been associated with all manner of health benefits in recent years, but one of the most intriguing suggestions is that it may help with cases of acne. It is a microscopic filamentous alga which is typically blue-green in colour. It has been recognised for its nutritional properties, and contains over 150 different nutrients. b

Apart from its nutritious values, how does it help with acne?

Acne is caused when the cortisol levels go up in your body, it prompts the sebaceous glands in your skin to produce the oily substance sebum which keeps the skin moist and flexible. When an excess of sebum is produced, the oil clogs the pores on your face and causes inflammation. This leads to oily skin, which further leads to blocked pores leading to acne.

Some key uses of Spirulina Acne are,

It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce acne, swelling, redness, and prevent further breakouts as well.

Affects sebum production and reduces skin inflammation 

Excessive sebum production and inflammation plays a vital role in cases of acne. When the sebaceous glands become blocked, the bacteria that are present in your pores can start to build up. This, in turn, leads to the body initiating an inflammatory response to try and deal with the microbes. It is this inflammation that contributes to acne looking red and swollen. Fresh Spirulina helps acne because of its phycocyanin content which is one of nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory substances. It also increases the skin’s metabolism, which enables faster healing and also prevents bacteria overgrowth.

In a recent study, researchers have found that taking 2 grams of Spirulina a day for twelve weeks can down-regulate allergies in, leading to significantly reduced inflammation and acne.

Hydrates the skin 

The gamma linolenic acid contained in spirulina helps to support the layer of the skin responsible for retaining moisture. In doing so, the skin stays healthier, better hydrated and demonstrates improved elasticity. Such impacts can be beneficial for acne prone skin. Also, it’s antioxidant properties has the potential to protect the skin from free radical damage, helping to keep skin young-looking and healthy.

For acne sufferers, a healthy intake of vitamin B12 from spirulina may help to ensure that the skin heals quickly after any bout of spots.

Offers Exceptional levels of Protein 

It is about 50% – 70% protein by dry weight, used as the building blocks for making collagen. Consuming high-protein foods will necessarily benefit acne directly, keeping your skin plump, healthy and certainly won’t do any harm. Studies have shown that spirulina for twelve weeks experienced better skin hydration, which was also reflected in less dry skin, irritation, and itchiness.

Recommended use of Spirulina to cure acne

Spirulina is available in tablet or powder forms. One can add it to smoothies, shakes or even drink it with water. It is also available in the form of face scrubs, serums, creams and even sheet masks. When used regularly, it improves the blood circulation, detoxifies and refines skin complexion. Also, defends the skin from free radicals and treats dull and lacklustre skin.

 Spirulina retains the miracle compound which makes it a great and powerful natural remedy for dealing with acne.




Cretan Hound-The ball of energy

A girl named Lily was absolutely bewildered as to what kind of breed she wanted, but she knew exactly what kind of dog she wanted to buy, so absolutely puzzled she went to a woman whom she knew dealt with dogs and knew all about different breeds. Lily went ahead and explained what kind of canine she wanted.

Lily (to the woman) : I want an affectionate, playful and loyal pet. The dog should be intelligent, well polished, self disciplined , prompt and skillful. I want a dog who can be an excellent watchdog, it should be curious enough to notice strangers and notify my family if it finds something strange. I want a dog which zestful and full of energy, and hence, loves to go for long walks and runs as I love to go on hikes and treks.

I live in a big house, the garden is big, so a lot of stray animals visit often and try to get into the house, the dog should have a strong sense of smell so that it could sense all the other animals before they could enter my house, but it should also be easygoing when pets of my friends come to visit. It should be able to exist with other animal because I have other pets too. It should be social with my family, friends and other pets.

Woman : I think I know which breed will be best suited to you according to your requirements, it is the Cretan Hound.  Let me tell you somethings about  it’s origin and appearance, then you can make a final decision. Cretan Hound is a purebred dog which was earlier reared for coursing, it was bred extensively during the Minoan civilization that blossomed approximately from 3000 BC to 1100 BC, because Crete’s island was cut off from other places, these dogs did not come in contact with other breeds for a long time.Moreover, they were protected by the Cretans, who mostly kept them pure, and it is believed that the hound today mostly looks like it did in the early days. The dog was further exported to other parts of Greece and then to other parts of Europe, and one can now find breeds in these places that have evolved from the this breed.

As far as appearance is concerned, it grows up to twenty to twenty seven inches in height and up to twenty to thirty kilograms in weight. It has a medium to large built with a lean , muscular and athletic body. It is longer than it is tall,  it has a long wedge-shaped head; almond-shaped eyes;  a dark nose; ears that are erect, a strong and sturdy chest and thin muscular legs. it’s busy tail has curled hair upwards and falls towards its head in a ring form. The hair that is longer at the tail’s base makes it look like a brush. It has a short, smooth and hard coat. It comes in many colors, such as, cream, black, brindled, grey, fawn and white. This robust canine usually is low maintenance , much grooming is unnecessary , just some regular brushing, cleaning, and flea treatment is needed.  It mainly needs a lot of physical exercise.

Lily: Now I am excited! This dogs seems to be exactly what I want in a pet. I cannot wait to buy one, after all a dog is a friend and loyal companion for a lifetime!

Mini Guide To The Smashing Four Game

Smashing Four is a strategy based game released in the year 2018 by Geewa. Geewa is one of the leading game producers of competitive games and smashing four became one of the most successful games of all time with millions of user bases all around the globe. It is a 1 vs 1 multiplayer game where players use their heroes and battle them against each other to earn rewards such as gems, hero cards, and game coins. 

There are certainly other ways by which you can earn these rewards which include online generators, online cheats or hacks, and smashing four mod apk. These are some unethical ways of earning rewards but sometimes you can take advantage of these sources as well.

Features Of Smashing Four Game

Game Arenas

There are almost 9 gaming arenas in the game and each arena offers something unique as compared to the other arena. You move to a new arena with every win and every new trophy. The gameplay strategy changes from arena to arena and you get to play with new heroes with every new arena.

Game Heros

Heros are the players that play the game in the arena and each hero has two attributes: damage and health. Each hero has their own unique style of fighting and possesses a unique skill of their own. As you progress in every arena your new heroes get unlocked and some of the heroes even use spells that can be good or bad.

Game Clans

There are three types of clans in this game and each clan has some requirements to be fulfilled. You need to have enough trophies to enter clans. Five types of players are found in the clans which are: Leader, captain, elder, participant, and novice. Every person has his own rights except for participants and novice.

Game Trophy

As you play every game in any clan with any person across the globe you get rewarded in the form of a trophy. Trophies are needed to proceed further in the game. There are ratings of the clans that decide the cost of the trophy. 

Game Rewards

As you all must know that when you play any game you get rewards in many forms. Here in this game, you get rewards in the form of gems, trophies, and coins. You can collect all these rewards by playing the game or you can earn some rewards from the game as freebies.

Saving Your Progress In The Game

Your game progress is saved automatically once you have downloaded it to your android or ios device and connected it with google play games on android and game center on ios devices. People are allowed to use only one account on one device. So, the game is connected with your Gmail account, thus your game progress is secured and your data is protected.

The game on the other hand does not provide any sort of feature that can help you resume your game from where you left it and uninstalled it on your device. If you have installed this game on the new device, your google play or game center account will be connected but you have to start from scratch. So, you can save your progress on only one device but if you are willing to change your device, be ready to start from the beginning.

Is It Possible To Reverse The Process Of Aging

As compared to the previous times the lifespan of people has increased significantly due to advancements in medical facilities and better treatment possibilities. People from all around the globe are still trying to figure out techniques to reverse the aging process to bring back the young time period of their lives. But unfortunately, we have only some tools by which you can predict your age and or your life expectancy. You can even know your date of birth from a certain time or date in a particular year. For instance, what year was I born if im 20 in age in the year 2019? Just put some small details and everything about it.

Is Reversing Your Age Really Possible?

The reversing of the aging mechanism is also feasible for human cells and basic model organisms in laboratory experiments. Science has progressed from microbes and parasites to be able to increase the lives of rodents, rabbits, and monkeys. Thus, extending a lifetime and curing aging is possible in small animals, but not yet for humans. 

While waiting for science to find it out, there are some easy improvements you may make that could help reverse aging or at least reduce the possibility of premature death due to common, but lethal, disorders. Here are some of the basic things that can slow down the aging process and keep you fit.


Exercising can be a very impactful way of slowing down your aging process as your muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments stay safe and stay strong with the growing time. After the age of 30, your body starts a degeneration process and if you have an inactive lifestyle your body will degenerate at a faster pace as compared to a person who is in a fitness lifestyle. Involve yourself with any kind of sports or with any kind of fitness training to keep your body organs and body parts healthy and slow down this aging and degeneration process.


Dieting does not always mean that you have to stop eating for your whole day. You have to follow a calorie deficit diet as per your metabolism so that your body does not get the unwanted calories and put those calories into the adipose tissue. You can even try intermittent fasting with around 10-15 % restriction on your diet. Caloric limitations are too severe for most individuals, so intermittent fasting, a fairly mild option, is now more common. This is how you can balance your diet and sustain a balanced lifestyle. 

  • Feed yourself with a healthy and nutritious diet. 
  • Drink in moderation or avoid it altogether. 
  • Quit Smoking and Vaping.
  • Maintain an active lifestyle. 
  • Sleep at least for eight hours in the night.

Add Supplementation

You can add more healthy fats and vitamin supplements in your daily routine that will benefit you in adding more years to your lifespan and slowing down the aging process. But one should never be fully dependent on the supplements as it can be altered easily by the vendors. Add more natural things but if it is not adequate for you, then you can add supplements after consulting your doctor. 

Sleeping And Resting

Resting your mind at night for 8-9 hours is a very good measure that you should adopt in your lifestyle to reduce the stress caused during the whole day. It is advised that you should take a sound sleep at night to keep yourself energetic for the next day.