How To Deal With Depression In Metro Cities

Without mental health, no health will occur. Healthy living is vital not only for our general well-being, but also for maintaining a healthy and stable urban environment. Ultimately, one in four people is dealing with psychological problems: 7.4% of the disease risk is mental health conditions and now constitute the world’s most prominent cause of long-term disability.

Both social and physical circumstances of city life can lead to psychological health and well-being both consciously and subconsciously. Metropolises have a greater risk for the most issues of a mental state than rural locations: almost 40 percent higher risk of depression, more than 20 percent higher anxiety and twice the risk of schizophrenia, plus more loneliness, alienation, and tension.

Understanding how to cope with urban pressures can boost your emotional and physical well-being. The below advice will help to avoid exhaustion, isolation, and anxiety while living in an urban city.

Go On A Walk In Nature

Spending Excessive time with walls of concrete can lead to a nasty case of urban problems. Rather than go to the garden or ride through the countryside can provide a remedy. This can boost your mental health and even stop stress by relating with nature. Try to find out and natural areas in your lunchtime like a garden, and make a regular walk and talk to a buddy.

Get Involved In Your Surroundings

It might just sound very much like a home to your neighborhood, but we might be less likely to ask our neighbors about the small benefits during the era of social media. Such human relationships also help develop social links and shape familiarity. You can enhance our physical state. This can help to prevent depression by communicating with others, like strangers. Significant methods of developing new friendships are small interactions.

Keep Yourself In Shape With Exercises

No wonder exercise is important for our mind and body. Training can help us to be healthier, keep improving our immune system and prevent cardiovascular diseases. But we can not do all we want with both the business as well as the expenses of the cities. If you don’t have a workout or a cycling program on your list, try a less costly group fitness program in the localities.

Take Therapy Sessions

Discussing the highs and lows of urban life is another way to deal with tension. Having other people to support your knowledge will show you that you are really not the only one. When you have issues such as anxiety or depression or mental health, therapy may help. Do not let anything prevent you from receiving assistance. Many of India’s big cities already offer affordable counseling centers and support organizations.

Like I am from a big city like Mumbai, I also face these kind of issues and I discovered Counselling Psychologist In Mumbai providing low-cost services at their centers, even online classes are available if you live far from the center but in my opinion, you can easily find these centers near you if you live in a big busy cities.

Pokemon Go Cheats And Tricks For 2019

List of cheats, tips, and tactics that Pokemon GO player currently uses to advance the level of Pokemon. We have also included several tips for locating Pokemon locations for many games. All these tricks are harmless and they are aimed at helping players gain more from their games. Many tricks are there in the game itself but we never realized that performing these tricks might help us in getting more stuff.

Catching Pikachu As A Starter Pokemon

You get the option of 3 starter Pokemon when you start for the first time.  The player will find out this easter egg of Pokemon GO fast when entering the screen map. Charmander, Bulbasaur & Squirtle will spawn next to him. There is a fourth option as your Starting Pokemon; Pikachu can be made as a starting option. If Pokemon’s first three beginners spawn, don’t just capture them back and wait long enough and Pikachu can spawn.

Evolve Eevee According To You

The Pokemon GO Easter Egg has been found by players to push Eevee to evolve towards the evolutions that they want. For example, if I renamed my Eevee with “Rainer” just before I wanted to evolve it, It would become the water type Vaporeon and the strongest of the 3 Eeveelutions. Similarly use “Sparky” for “Jolteon”, “Pyro” for “Flareon”, “Sakura” for “Espeon” and “Tamao” for “Umbreon”.

TimeSaving Tricks

  • Once the egg hatch animation starts, rather than clicking it. You’re supposed to squeeze the display and avoid the whole egg hatch opening sequence.
  • When you go to a pokestop or gym to spin it, do not click on every item to grab them, it will eventually end up going into your bag even if you press the back button.

Pokemon Go MOD Apk Download

If you really want to cheat in this game you can simply download the Pokemon go mod apk which is a modified version of the Pokemon go apk. Using this will give you many features like you can travel while sitting at home using joystick, You can hatch more eggs while using the adventure sync mode without going out of your home. This modified version gives you a pokemon radar to spot the pokemons near your surroundings and you can go to that place and catch them easily.

A Full Pokemon Go Hack

If you are really interested in cheating the game servers and teleporting outside your region and catching the rarest pokemons on earth you need a Pokemon go hack which enables you to teleport anywhere in this world and even into different time zones. By using this hack you get access to unlimited candy, unlimited stardust and unlimited pokemons around you. Just put the coordinates where the Pokemon is located and you will jump straight to that place.

Note – Using the Pokemon go hack can lead to a ban on your account and sometimes your account is permanently disable from the Pokemon go servers so if you are doing this you better do it with caution and keep a backup in multiple accounts, if one account gets banned you can still use the other one to catch the pokemons

What’s Your Jawline? How To Identify?

Presently, a guy worth his salt in the field of fashion has to consider the form and influence of his jaw.  Your face shape will influence the best results on your haircuts, sunglasses, and makeup. Begin by familiarizing yourself with general categories to evaluate the facial structure. Classify your face with a few measuring measurements and use your new knowledge to select hairdos, make-up designs, and facial accessories. 

Try and Visit websites having the information on the basic type of face and the jaw shapes. That will definitely help you in determining the shape of your face. But if you are here and reading out this information then, I have got some basic standards that can easily help you identify the structure of your face and jaw area. Read the steps below and apply those tricks.

Get The Right Measuring Tools

You probably got a tape measurement for the builder that knocks somewhere. To make things easier with a convenient tape measure, such as the kinda tailor uses. Then take a notebook and calculate the following measurements in front of a mirror and record each of them as you go.

Start With Your Forehead First

You should figure out which portions are long, which ones are shorter and if they are all the same. To find out which facial shape you have. The forehead is a good starting point, so take it across the largest area-usually between your eyebrows and your hairline.

Measuring Your Cheekbones 

In choosing a hairstyle the spacing of your cheekbones is particularly important. Failure may throw out features such as your eyes. Measure yours by placing the tape in the pointed part below each eye’s external corner.

Take An Exact Measurement Of Your Jawline 

There’s also a jawline somewhere, even if you have a round fat shaped face rather than a slim face. Scale from the top of your chin to the bottom of your ear at the jaw angle to the upper edge. Obviously, on either side of your face, you have a jaw and you multiply the number by 2 for your jawline.

Measuring Face Length

How does the rectangular face differ from the square? Approximately 2 inches Drag the tape from the middle of your hairline to the tip of your chin to find out how long your face is. For people who are overcoming follicular issues with shaved or bald heads, measure the position of your hairline with an estimation.

Identify Your Face Shape Now

Once these measurements are available, remember that is the largest of the 4 as this will be the current. With all these measurements note down in some notebook you can look for some face shapes online and determine easily what can be your face shape.

For your information, let me tell you that there are seven major face shapes- oval, round, diamond, heart, oblong, square and triangular. After doing the measurement you can see your face in the mirror and read the estimates written on your notebook and you will get a rough idea about your face shape.

Aadhaar KYC : All You Need To Know

“Aadhar Card” is a mandatory document for all the residents to prove their identity but the other important thing that comes with aadhar card is the KYC process. This process is required in while opening a bank account, while getting a new mobile number or whenever you involve in some kind of mobile transaction applications like Phonepe, Paytm, Mobikwik, etc. you can do it online and offline, both ways are availed by the authorities to you. Just like downloading you E Aadhar from the official website where you can use the service of E-KYC from the official website.

KYC or Know Your Customer is a mandatory method that requires their clients to finish most phone enterprises and financial institutions. Although it is possible to use an Aadhaar card as a KYC paper, owing to paperwork, the full KYC method still requires a comparatively long time to finish. UIDAI E-KYC facilities may be used by clients to verify their identity electronically, thereby decreasing the number of moments that would otherwise be spent on physically finishing the process by entering a fresh trading account or bank account, or making use of a fresh portable link, etc.

Individuals seeking to authorize UIDAI to reveal their KYC data to service suppliers may do so in individuals, either through the use of a One Time Password or through biometric identification. Once the authentication is finished effectively with the customer’s approval, information such as the resident’s title, birth date, address, gender, email address, phone number, and photograph can be given electronically to service suppliers. The process’s absence of human involvement guarantees that the process is error-free and a low-cost affair.

Because the E-KYC service is completely computerized and paperless, it also eliminates the management of records. Furthermore, since the KYC information is only published to service suppliers on the customer’s approval, his / her privacy is always secured. It is also anticipated that the method will promote operations more quickly while eliminating the need for boring documentation. It is also anticipated that E-KYC will enhance client comfort while considerably improving industry-wide business efficiency. Furthermore, E-KYC is also anticipated to reduce the risk of misuse of identity while eliminating the forgery of documents.

Initially, KYC instructions were given to guarantee that banks would not be unduly exploited. There is a lot of documentation involved in obtaining information about the identity of a customer and their finances, and the E-KYC services make these processes much simpler and faster. Since E-KYC is connected to the customer Aadhaar card, through the card itself, banks and financial institutions can collect information about a personal identity and finances.

People who are still waiting for their KYC process of documents can go online and do the E- KYC within a few minutes. If you want to do it physically visit your nearest aadhaar center for this process with your aadhar card and get your KYC done. If you are opening a new bank account or purchasing a new mobile number your KYC shall be done on the spot and after that, you will receive your bank account or your mobile number.

Where you will find High quality PBNs for sale?

Private Blogging Network or PBNs is a network of high authority websites that have a good domain score, a good ranking in Google Indexing and a good backlink and referring domain score. Mostly private blogging networks of PBNs are used to increase more authority of your original website by creating backlinks for its targeted keywords.  PBNs are easily available over the internet and you can choose from a variety of PBNs. Generally, these PBNs are the expired domain or the deleted domains which you can buy and register online very easily. If you are unaware of how to use this private blogging network to increase your website performance, here is a little description for you all of which might clear some of your questions.

If you have just started a website on any niche you need domain authority of your website to rank it up in Google rankings. SEO will help you to some extent in bringing the traffic but your domain needs a referring from some high authority domains and for that, you can buy a high authority expired or deleted domain from marketplace for your use. Choose according to your niche and start writing blogs on it with stuffing of your targeted keywords or link to your domain. Mentioned by a high authority domain will create quality backlinks for your original website and your domain will gain some authority and you can use this same procedure by using multiple high authority domains.  High authority domains are easy to rank and with increased ranking, you will increase your unique visitors count.

This is how you can use your PBN to rank up your website in some time but you need to have patience as it will take some time and effort of yours.

You can buy these PBNs from a number of websites selling this online but if you do not know where to go try this website and gift yourself a PBN. I personally purchased some PBNs from this website which is working perfectly and you have not to worry about the website’s appearance and other further development. These PBNs are working and you just need to add your articles with targeting keywords.

Many other websites are also available for you online and you can check those PBNs on, which has a lot of high authorities deleted and expired domains and you just need to register that for you. In this case, you have to design your whole website and write some content for user display whereas the above-mentioned website will provide you a working PBN and you just have to post your articles in it and some unique articles are already displayed on these PBNs.

PBNs are safe and there is no risk of any kind of penalty from Google, some people have this fear that Google may ban these PBNs but this is extremely safe and all the digital marketing experts use these PBNs for their website to bring more traffic to the original source. Purchase a PBN and start getting more unique visitors every day on your website.

Poverty – Curse or Boon?

I have been living in the slums of Dharavi for three years now. For a guy who hasn’t seen or known poverty very well, this was quite a thing to do –  to get a first-hand experience of living around poverty. I was born with a silver spoon and there was no way I would have done this had I not met Natasha, the girl from an international NGO that takes care of slum kids. She was the who changed my perspective. She was the one who planted the idea of seeing and feeling a life of poverty. It was, in fact, a challenge that she had given me and I was too naive to have agreed. But now that I think of it, I feel like I need to thank her for putting up that challenge for me.

Three years later, as I write this post sitting in the small verandah of my rented 1 RK room, I feel that I was lucky to have experienced this life. There is so much that I learned from this experience. I was very confused about how it would feel like living in poverty and now I know how it feels like. It is not bad at all. In fact, there are a lot of good things that you do not get to experience when you are not poor.

I was a student of economics and I know about the strongest currency in the world. In fact, I know about the changing world economy. I stay updated on the things happening in the finance world. That is a part of who I am. However, there is another part of me that I recently discovered. There is a part of me that is passionate and caring and curious.

I have started wondering if poverty is actually a bad thing. Is it right to label someone as poor just because they don’t have the things that the so-called “rich people” have?

Well, after some close interaction with the locals of Dharavi, I think I got my answer. Poverty is not about not having the things that can make you survive. It is actually about not having the basic human emotions that make you truly human. 

You can actually live a happy life as a poor person than you would as someone who has a lot of wealth but not anybody to call his own. There is more love and unity in the slums than there is in the concrete jungles of the rich.

So, if you ask me whether I would choose to be a rich guy or a poor guy,  I would choose to be a poor guy with a rich heart. That’s how I would be happy with my life. While I am still fascinated by shiny objects and things like knowing about the strongest currency in the world, I am more fascinated by the idea of sharing a meal together with my loved ones. I am fascinated at the thought of being close to my loved ones and living a life full of true happiness and joy.

Those were my thoughts about poverty. Tell me what you think about it in the comment section below. I would love to know your thoughts too.

Humans Are Social Animals

Have you ever wondered what made different people with different cultures from different region come together? And what possibly could be the reason that made humans socialize to this extent? And why do we constantly keep looking for the company of others?

We, humans, are considered to be the most gregarious animal on the planet who love socializing with others and we do need someone to keep us up on emotions. We look for a partner in a more socialized and understandable way which is completely different from the other breathing animals co-residing with us. We are the owner of a brain that makes us make decisions based on our intuition.

Humans have effortlessly been working on socializing each other through creating many platforms and are relentlessly working on devising new methods for the plain sailing of the purpose.

We as a social animal crave for the company of opposite sex to pep ourselves up with emotions and supports.


Gone are the days when we had to visit places to socialize ourselves with other clans but the advent and the rise of the internet gave birth to many platforms where we can find ourselves the people we want to hang out with. Many social networking platforms and dating sites have made it a cakewalk.

I stay around Bangalore and I am familiar with many of the free dating sites in India without payment along with the other globally recognized applications that help socializing with people and to find ourselves a partner. These sites are damn easy to use and seem to have generated desirable results in terms of finding partners and soulmates.

Many free dating sites in India without payment are particularly meant catering to the needs of the lonely souls longing to find their soulmates. There are few that gratifies the compulsive need of humans but we personally do not support the hookup culture and firmly believe in maintaining the sanctity of any relationship.

The demand of being social has always been high in society and the person who avoids being social is considered to be mentally ill. The  standard definition of health as per the World Health Organisation is

Health is a state of a person being well in terms of physical, mental and social states.

And if you lack any of the above character depicted in the definition, you are sure to be cited as an unhealthy individual. So its high time that you commence socializing with people around you. Socializing with others keeps you happy and help you in finding yourself a place in society.

The more social you are, the more love you fetch in your life. Being gregarious is not the term we use for the microscopic biological creatures but also for the multicelled animals.

Women are more social than men in terms of being in groups where they become prone to bitching on others.  Both man and woman seem to be from different planets because when a man gets upset, he looks of isolation to calm itself while the woman during this phase prefers being in a group to mitigate their pain or the shambles that reverberate in her mind.

Hope you liked the article and would let us know your personal take on being social by commenting below with honest feedback.

The Importance Of Competitive Spirit

The best place to see yourself is perhaps not the mirror. It indeed is the eyes of the people where you can see yourself. People have been trying to get the better of each other in terms of almost every aspect of life. We have always been trying to surpass our competitors in schools, colleges and workplaces. This is important though but the competition should be healthy and should not have any bad impact on the fellow competitors.

Competitive spirit is not we have always been taking it to be as

The tradition of a competition is to infuse competitive spirit in the people and not to cram them with jealousy and self-pity. It is not to infuse inferiority complexes in the people but to help you fathom your performance and track the weaknesses down to improve upon it.

Learn new skills and improve upon the existing on

The only way we can keep the competitive spirit alive within us in a very positive and healthy way is through propelling oneself everyday to make efforts out of its Pacific zone. We can inculcate the same principle as that of the one used by the patanjali paridhan to survive in the market. They were the one to start from level zero and kept pushing themselves to one without dabbling in any unfair means.

Patanjali paridhan kept improving upon their existing products besides launching the new ones. This concept of self-improvement can be borrowed from them and the likes in order to keep this spirit alive in ourselves for better prospects.

I too had a bad time with the concept

I remember being jealous of my classmates who used to be in the good books of my favourite teachers and I really used to try very hard to make a place in those good books of my teachers and the people around I was attracted to. I made every effort to improve myself in terms of skills and knowledge to stay ahead of my peers. I knew then that the notions I used to have during my school or college days in pertinence to competitive spirit were quite unethical and immoral. But I could not see any other way around.

My suggestion to the present generation would be

  • Make the most of your leisure time
  • Keep educating yourself every single day
  • Learn the skills you require to excel in life
  • Nurture positive competitive spirit in yourselves
  • Learn to take constructive criticism

Don’t try that hard

If you really care for your personal growth in a positive way, the above-depicted points will surely fetch you good results and go a long way in moulding you for the future. You are sure to see success once you inculcate the healthy competitive spirit. This mentality of yours will set you ahead of all your peers and give you a face in the crowd of millions.

I hope the article will make you aware of the mistakes that you have been committing and denigrating the spirit of competition. We never know what is there in the store for us. We just can have our fingers crossed and hope for the best to take place without expecting any ominous cloud hovering above our head.

The Importance Of School In Our Life

A school is a place where we construct ourselves for the future in a way that paves the way full of opportunities ahead in life. I have always been concerned about my future which I still am but the skills and principles I learned during my school days stand by my side whenever I find myself at a loss in life. My initial education has always helped me in making decisions and executing plans that have always been best for me.

It helped me a lot

The knowledge that I gained in my initial stage of life is still making me stand in the crowd. All those periods that I hated the most, all those teachers I used to avoid coming in front and all those exams that filled my life with dread finally came to my rescue whenever I found myself in hot waters.

Never let me feel low

Even today as an accountant in a Canada based firm, where I find myself struggling with HST Calculators and everlasting intricate accounts never bothered me a bit. I never let myself fall in the hands of the circumstances despite my normal schooling like most of the Indians. I have successfully made an entry in the world of my dreams. Though I did face problems in the beginning, the education that my school imparted to me makes these high-end concepts like HST calculators a cakewalk for me. I had no idea then that when I learned to create truth tables I would also learn to handle more complicated mathematical concepts. But, as luck would have it, learning to create truth tables had made me come into terns with the truth that I could be anyone I wanted if I had the will to do what it takes to get there.

It can never be debated

None of us can deny the importance of school in our lives. The role that schools play in the life of an individual can never be debated on any platform. We all have been provided with the best experiences of our teachers and parents who perfectly served us. School has always been the pioneer in making the progress of a kid. They are the one to build the foundation of society by educating the human resources.

Getting nostalgic is the only thing that I can do

I kind of hated school because of the monotony it served. But now that I am capable enough to think of the doors it opened for me. I love it the most and desperately want to go back. I still remember sitting at the last bench making fun of everybody around. I wish I had not done that. I should have dragged as much as possible.

I consider school the reason behind my success as it helped me to make into the best college in the country where I studied to pave my way into a glorious present. It is very common to get nostalgic and miss those old days. But really I can not express all my thoughts in just a few words.

Believe it or not

Make the most of the school by completely indulging yourself into it. A school is a place that moulds your tender mind and prepares it to face challenges of life. No matter how far you get in life, the knowledge gained in school will always prove to be the axe we need to chop off the weeds of difficulty.

Basic Maths In Day To Day Life

The importance of basic maths can never be denied in our life. We need maths in our daily life almost at every point. Our ability to play with a few numbers can be of great help to us. We need mathematics when we are to pay the grocery shop or file the income tax. So if we can be a bit sharp with the calculation and improve our ability to juggle a few numbers, it would really be great.

Did it ever occur to you how important a role does maths play in our lives? No matter what our professions are and where we stay, we need this ability to knock numbers down in almost every aspect of life.

It spares none

As a student, I have always been afraid of numbers in schools and tried avoiding it on almost every occasions. I was not weak in the subject but I hated it more than anything in the world. The multiplication tables were something could never get rid of. Even today I keep encountering the use of these tables. But it is no more as tough as it used to be during those school days. Now, I have access to, which made the job even easier and helped me a lot to get rid of such complications.

We can’t drop maths even if we desperately want to.

There are plenty of uses of maths in our day to day life at homes, at work, at grocery stores, at school and at travel. There is not even a single day that goes by without testing our mathematics. So it becomes a necessity to learn at least the basics of it to simplify our life a bit and save our time and money.

Complications simplified to a great extent

The best part of the maths I am talking about is that you don’t need to spend money on it to get the hang of. All it asks for is your precious time to be invested in a self-learning process. There are ample materials available on the internet that can help you nail it without any complication. The names of such websites are listed in the length for you to have a glance at which may help.

  • Make the most of the websites similar to to simplify the complications that you face while dealing with multiplications
  • Brush up the basics to get familiar with the numbers and basic operations
  • Try using your brain instead of using calculators for easy and simple calculations
  • Learn shortcuts and tricks to improve mental maths
  • Play number related games and puzzles
  • Improve your number literacy
  • Keep yourself motivated through self-help books
  • Practice regularly   


If I can then you too can

My life took a sharp turn when I started making use of the resources in the best possible way. Now I hardly get stuck with the numbers.

You too can help yourselves out just by taking some time out of your hectic schedule and make your mind up to face the numbers. You are sure to see the positive results just within a few days of diligent deliberate working. Make the most of the internet to educate yourselves and become great with the numbers and symbols.