How to connect with people

The ability to ask good questions is one of the main skills that you can use to keep a conversation going. So, let’s get some practice. In this article, I’m going to provide communication tips to help you increase your impact, and lead your teams with more excellence.

A lot of times in conversations, we feel like we’re supposed to tell great stories and dazzle people with how amazing we are, but oftentimes the reverse is true. The ability to ask good questions in a social situation or a professional situation is one of the main ways to keep the ball rolling and keep that nice ping-pong volley going back and forth.

There are two types of questions that we’re going to explore. The first is called an easy question. Essentially, this is just a direct question, a question that you can answer with a yes or a no or quick fill in the blank like a one-word answer or short phrase. And that’s the way you want to start conversations. 

Once you start asking direct questions it becomes very easy for the other person to start the ball rolling with giving those short little answers. Then you can follow up with an open-ended question, and that’s the second type of question. Once you have a little bit of content to work with, ask a follow-up. And that usually requires a lot more detail, it’s going to get them talking and opening up. That’s when you really see the conversation get dynamic and have that good back-and-forth detailed rich nature. 

So, easy question and then a follow-up or probing question that often starts with a how or what. Some people say you can also start with a ‘why’. However, I found in my experience that the question that starts with ‘why’ sometimes can make the other person feel a little defensive like they’ve got to justify their explanations. So I personally avoid it. 

Conversation is one of the main ways that we can connect with people in social situations and professional situations. It can establish you as a good communicator so that you can lead the teams and the organizations that you’re part of with higher levels of excellence. So, you start with those easy questions and follow up with an open-ended question, and you’re almost guaranteed to get a nice conversation going. And, if you want to know more about random questions to be asked to people you meet around, I suggest you visit On this website, you can get questions about various topics that will help you to start a good conversation.

I really hope you found this post useful and informative. Do you have any queries or suggestions related to this post? If you have any, feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. Also, let me know if you want to find out more about ways to start a conversation. I will be glad to share more insights with you.

Cities famous for nightlife

When you’re looking to unwind, cut loose, and have some fun, you can’t go wrong with any of these destinations.

In this list, we’re looking at major cities that have become famous for their nightlife and entertainment options and cater to a wide variety of travelers looking to have fun.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Every year, millions of people get together in Rio de Janeiro for one of the biggest parties in the world, Brazilian Carnival. Though this particular party should appear on the bucket list of pretty much every traveler who likes to celebrate and doesn’t mind large crowds, the reality is, the party never really stops in the city. Rio’s nightlife has something for people of all walks of life. Want to dance the night away in a samba club, go for it. What a more conventional nightclub experience but with the intensity of the party cranked way up, take your pick.

Bangkok, Thailand

Nowhere in the world do parties go harder than in the capital city of Thailand after a day taking in all the cultural sights. Hit the town to see an entirely different side of the city. The city has recently seen a number of more high-end rooftop Bars and trendy cocktail lounges open up, but you can equally find bars of all shapes and sizes including those of the quieter more cozy variety. Khao san road is the place to party on the cheap, Royal City Avenue for those looking to dance, and don’t forget to try some late-night cheap eats from the food hawkers. 

Barcelona, Spain

This city’s hard-partying ways in a general zest for life have made it an international destination for those looking for a good time. Unfortunately, in recent years there’s been a fair amount of pushback against tourism in Spain. You might be there to party but for the locals, it’s their home. Party in a respectful manner and they’ll appreciate your business. I recommend starting your night off in Las Ramblas for dinner or drinks, then it’s a pick-your-own adventure type of night, from intimate watering holes to epic nightclubs and boat parties, Barcelona’s nightlife is happy to oblige. if you’re a big fan of live music, try to plan your trip around one of the city’s major festivals like Primavera Sound or Tomorrowland.

Beirut, Lebanon 

This Levantine destination isn’t just an it scene modern party city, it has a long tradition of good times. These days, travelers can be worried about traveling in the Middle East because of its recent history of conflict, but Lebanon is generally safe. In fact, you’ll likely be shocked by the lengths to which locals will go to be hospitable. A night of partying in Beirut isn’t complete without having made new friends. The waterfront home to rooftop bars and nightclubs is the epicenter of the city. But, you should also check out the neighborhood of marma hill and Jame Z Street for even more options.

Berlin, Germany 

Because party cities tend to start with the letter B, this is a destination that requires very little introduction. The city once divided by the infamous wall, Berlin is today a hub for all things cultural, from architecture, art, music, museums and historical landmarks to contemporary design and unparalleled infrastructure. The food scene is also top-notch. Yet somehow, Berliners manage all of this while also maintaining their reputation for unparalleled nightlife. Your evening is likely to start off at a beer hall sampling the country’s world-famous brews, but fast forward a few hours, and you’re apt to find yourself dancing in a sea of sweaty people at a techno club.

Berlin is a city that likes to have fun and doesn’t judge.

Want to find out more about party cities and around the world? Visit and get detailed information about enjoying the nightlife in the best cities in the world.

Some Major Questions Of People On Gratuity

Some of your might have clear thoughts on this topic but many people are there who are still searching for some basic information on gratuity. Gratuity is an amount received by the person when he retires or leaves the job after 5 years of continuous work with one organization. It is calculated on the basis of your last drawn salary and your tenure of working. 

You can calculate your gratuity online by using some calculators to calculate the approximate amount of your dues. Click Here to use the calculator online and calculate your gratuity easily by fetching some simple details in the given tabs. 

Some very Common Questions On Gratuity

Question 1: Is there any most extreme utmost for gratuity? 

According to current law, gratuity received by an administration worker is completely absolved from charge. The most extreme sum they can get is Rs 20 lakh according to corrections made after the seventh Pay Commission proposals. Be that as it may, for non-government workers, the most extreme expense excluded gratuity limit is Rs 10 lakh starting at now 


Question 2: What is the advantage of gratuity? 

gratuity is a characterized advantage plan and is one of the numerous retirement benefits offered by the business to the worker after finding employment elsewhere. A representative may exit his profession for different reasons, for example, – retirement/superannuation, for a superior activity somewhere else, on being conserved or by method for deliberate retirement. 


Question 3: Would gratuity be able to be denied? 

On the off chance that you have been denied gratuity installment by your boss, you can document a grumbling under Section 8 of the demonstration, against the organization. The controlling position, on hearing the two sides, whenever happy with the representative’s position, can guide the business to pay the gratuity that is expected alongside the enthusiasm on it 


Question 4: Is the notification time frame remembered for gratuity? 

Indeed. Your administration is checked till the last working day that you worked when you were mitigated and that incorporates the notification time frame for which you do get your pay. In that capacity, your gratuity will be determined from the date you joined till your last working day including notice period 


Question 5: How gratuity is determined? 

It is determined by this equation: Last drawn compensation (essential pay in addition to dearness stipend) X number of finished long stretches of administration X 15/26. … Then again, if the administration time frame is five years and five months, for gratuity count it will be viewed as five years. 


Question 6: When is the Gratuity Amount paid? 

It is payable under these cases- 

  • On Superannuation (or) Retirement. 
  • On your Resignation (or) Termination. 
  • On death or Disablement because of mishap or ailment. 
  • On Retrenchment (or) Layoff. 
  • VRS (Voluntary Retirement Scheme). 


Question 7: Are 4 years 10 months (any period above 4.5 long stretches of administration) considered as 5 years? 

This is one the most as often as possible posed inquiry and there are different clashing perspectives accessible on this one. 

In one of the legal disputes, Madras High Court has held that a representative who has finished 4 years and 240 working days in the fifth year will be qualified for gratuity for example 4 years 10 months and 11 days.

How to make your Instagram photos look professional

Your Instagram bio is the first thing people are going to see after they have been enticed by some of your images. So let’s go through the steps of making it really crisp and professional and entertaining to look at. 

Your Instagram photo should be something that’s either relevant to your business if it’s a business profile. Or, if it’s a personal Instagram bio, make sure it’s a beautiful image of you or something that you love to do. Now, Instagram bio photos can go one of two ways. It can be a portrait of the person who’s running the Instagram or it can be something relevant to the Instagram thread. For example, if it’s a travel thread then it can be some exotic location or some wild and crazy trip with the photo that captured that. If it’s a professional money-making thread, it can be again the owner of the company or it can be the company’s logo. So, your Instagram bio photo needs to be tuned in and dialed into what your business is centered around. 

Something to keep in mind when you’re creating an Instagram bio photo is that it is going to show up in a round format, not a square format. So when you’re selecting the photo or when you know picking the logo that would look best for you or work best for you, keep in mind there’s going to be some cropping. You’re going to lose most of those edges and have a perfectly round logo area or photo area. So do some test crops. Make sure it looks good before you put it up on your bio because you don’t want to have a shoddy bio photo.

The second feature of your Instagram bio is going to be the “text of the bio”. I mean the body of the bio. I love using the notes feature on my phone to keep an Instagram bio pre-typed ready to go. 

When we talk about your Instagram bio, you definitely don’t want it to be “vanilla”. Meaning, just planned, plain Jane, blah! It doesn’t capture the attention. The funny thing is, in the professional industry, it used to be true that emojis were considered very unprofessional. It was only used by teenagers and young people to just express their selves. Nowadays, it’s totally flipped around. Because you have limited space in your Instagram bio, not only emojis are fun to look at and show your personality, but they’re going to save you some character space on your Instagram bio. You don’t have a lot of room to work with, so use it wisely. 

To glam up your Instagram bio and add an extra spark, use fancy text fonts to create a bio. Your bio is not a resume or a job application, so use extra-ordinary text fonts to amaze your followers. Instagram text font generators can be found online and are free of cost. I used an amazing tool to create my Instagram bio. Click HERE to find out.

If you cover all of these elements of an Instagram bio, not only will it be short and sweet but it’s going to keep their attention and drive more and more people to your profile. So go back and look at your Instagram bio. Pull out your phone right now. Just take a glance over. It takes ten minutes maybe to get that thing fine-tuned.

Heating The Basements Quickly

Having a basement is quite vain if it’s too cold to without a doubt spend time in. The problem is, basements are inherently damp and cold. It’s winter, and that means one element in most regions: it’s less warm. Surely less warm in a few places. And even as all of us realize that warmness rises, those of us who’ve basements can’t help but wonder — should we be heating our basement? 

Despite the fact that a basement is not often used, it does seem to make sense which you could warm it in an effort to improve the overall comfort of your home. In short, you have to indeed heat your basement is cool and cold climate areas. Whether or no longer you operate your basement isn’t the query. 

Whilst heating an area that isn’t regularly used may seem like a waste, there is crucial information to bear in mind. Those relate to non-public consolation, health and protection, and standard efficiency of your assets.

Basements need to be heated in cold conditions especially when you have a lot more usage of your basement area every day. Most of the people use the basement area for exercising, for laundry, for renting it to others and for living in it too but if you have a cold and damp basement what is the point of living there with so much winter clothes on your body which does not even allow you to move correctly and perform daily household activities. 

It is better to purchase a heating device to warm your basement area. Most of the people living in cold areas are using heaters to survive in extreme freezing conditions, if you are also experiencing some freezing temptation in your basement then it is your time to search for some best Heaters For Basements and buy any one of them. 

Most of the people buy the big units in extreme conditions to warm their rooms very quickly and majorly more big units are used as the basement area of every house is quite big as compared to the upper floors and due to this you need a big heating device to heat up your surroundings and provide you the warmth and comfort while working or sleeping at night. 

Although they are not that much safe when you have kids at your home because they heat up and there are chances of overheating which may cause many severe accidents. So, if you have small kids at your home it is better to stay with those kids in the room. The body of heaters heats up and even adults would barely try to touch those devices once they are running from a long-time period. 

They have many safety features inbuilt but you cannot really rely upon those features blindly if you are aware that these devices can cause harm to your loved ones accidentally. Always place these big heaters in some corner so that you and your loved ones are safe while the heater does its job. 


Matrix immediately reminds us immediately of the famous movie The Matrix. It was undoubtedly the greatest movie ever conceived of and executed. The concept of the movie is unimaginable till now and still gives us chills. If what was done in the Matrix is even remotely possible then we will as a human race be able to scale unscalable mountains. 

But maybe it really is possible. The Matrix actually taught me to believe in the immense and unstoppable capabilities of the human brain. We can do whatever we set our minds to. That is what the Matrix to me was all about. Expanding the power of our own minds and believing in that power.

Believing in our own capabilities and believing in it not just in the everyday sense of the world but believing in the ever-growing ever-increasing sense of the world is what will truly set us free. We see examples of this every day around us. We see people who have achieved the unachievable. There are people who have learnt entire dictionaries, scaled Mt. Everest, won sporting events after fighting cancer. There are many who cannot even think that they can do anything out of the ordinary. 

It is not that these people are born extraordinary. It is just that they have a higher self-belief than the rest of us and they have effectively harnessed their energies and converted it into extraordinary success. We all can do that if we throw out the self-doubt that is infecting us from within and embrace our true capabilities. 

Matrix is also a mathematical equation that has left many students bedazzled. It is a rectangular array of numbers or expressions arranged in rows and columns to represent something. It can be a 2*2 or a 3*2 or 10*5 matrix or any such other combinations. Matrix is generally introduced at the senior secondary stage and though fun and scoring for many students, it is also a stunner for others.

A matrix can be used to solve represent a set of linear equations. A matrix has numerous forms and types. A matrix can be a diagonal or triangular matrix, identity matrix, symmetric matrix, definite matrix, infinite matrix, empty matrix etc. The matrix has numerous applications. It is used in a wide variety of places. A matrix has its use in Graph Theory, Analysis and Geometry, Probability theory and statistics, Symmetries and Transformations in Physics, Linear combinations and quantum states, Geometrical optics, Electronics and many more.

One of the famous forms of the matrix is the Ref and the Rref form and a matrix of any numbers is often reduced to these forms. The rref calculator is one such tool which is often used to convert any matrix into the rref form to be used.

We have seen the same word matrix being used in so many different forms. The movie matrix which expanded our mental thought processes using the computer world and coding processes. And the mathematical matrix which is practically used in different ways.

How I Transferred Unlimited Coins & Cash In My 8 Ball Pool Account

I started playing this game from a long time ago and at the initial point of my gaming experience with this game, I was not really aware that this game can be hacked. I discovered it later after a year of playing that the hacks are actually there on the web and many players globally are using those hack tricks to win all their matches. This actually was a really good information for me as I was so good at the game that even players with higher rank were not able to defeat me at the pool game. 

I thought, maybe If I got the hack of 8 ball pool where all my tables and cues are unlocked nobody will be there to compete against me, there were only a few times when I got defeated by someone in this game and I really have no idea what kind of hacks are those players using or are those only bot accounts playing against me. 

Nevertheless, I downloaded the 8 ball pool hack from this link – and it worked really well on my android device, with everything unlocked and unlimited access to coins and money in my 8 ball profile, I was able to compete at big tables with some big entry fees. I am really happy that I  downloaded the hacked APK from this website and because of that, the game became even more easy for me.

But it was my bad luck that before installing the modified APK on my device I forgot to take the full backup of my game and all my profile data along with my achievements vanished away. It was a really frustrating thing that’s ever happened to me while playing it for so long. All my progress in this game went in vain and I have to start again from the bottom. But it was a really easy task for me to win the pool game sat start as I was playing it from the past 1-2 years and with the modified APK. 

If you are reading this article and want to use the modified APK of 8 ball pool, take a full backup of your progress in your connected Gmail account or save it somehow, do not just uninstall your game in curiosity as I did. After taking and saving your profile data you can install the modified APK of this game and enjoy it.

Another way that helped me to grab more coins online was the online coins and money generator for 8 ball pool game, it is really simple you just have to mention your username of 8 ball pool, enter your mobile device type, enter the number of coins and money and your mentioned coins and money will get transferred to your mentioned username within a few seconds, this is yet another simple way to grab pool money and pool coins online without any kind of risk.



A coin is a small, flat, (usually depends on the country and value) round piece of metal or plastic used primarily as a medium of exchange or legal tender.

  • They are standardized in weight, and produced in large quantities at a mint in order to facilitate trade.
  • They are most often issued by a government.
  • Coins often have images, numerals, or text on them.
  • Coins are usually metal or alloy, or sometimes made of manmade materials.
  • They are usually disc shaped.
  • Coins made of valuable items are stored in large quantities such as, bullion coins.
  • Other coins are used as money in everyday transactions, circulating alongside bank notes.
  • Usually the highest value coin in circulation (excluding bullion coins) is worth less than the lowest-value note.
  • In the last hundred years, the face value of circulation coins has occasionally been lower than the value of the metal they contain, for example due to inflation.
  • If the difference becomes significant, the issuing authority may decide to withdraw these coins from circulation.
  • Possibly issuing new equivalents with a different composition, or the public may decide to melt the coins down or hoard them.
  • Exceptions to the rule of face value being higher than content value also occur for some bullion coins made of silver, copper, or gold (and rarely other metals, such as, platinum or palladium) intended for collectors or investors in precious metals.
  • Examples of modern gold collector or investor coins include the British sovereign minted by the United Kingdom, the American Gold Eagle minted by the United States, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf minted by Canada, and Krugerrand minted by South Africa. While the Eagle, Maple, Leaf, and Sovereign coins have nominal (purely symbolic) face values, the Krugerrand does not.
  • Historically, a great quantity of coinage metals (including alloys) and other materials (e.g., porcelain) have been used to produce coins for circulation, collection, and metal investment bullion coins often serve as more convenient stores of assured metal quantity and purity than other bullion.


Indian coins

The Karshapana is the earliest punch mark coin found in India, produced from at least the mid 4th century BC, and possibly as early as 575 BC, influenced by similar coins produced in Gandhara under the Achaemenid Empire, such as those of the Kabul hoard.

Other Coins

There are other types of coins as well, these are found to be virtual and are earned in different games, through different methods.

  • By collecting them in games
  • By getting them as a reward
  • By spinning a fortune wheel

Coins are required in many games to continue or to unlock any gadget.

To access few such coins just browse the link and enjoy a break free engagement in your favorite games. This link can benefit if you are a player.

What is Gratuity

The word gratuity is understood by two different meanings, one is the simple tip offered by people at restaurants or to taxi drivers etc. Gratuity is also the benefit paid by the employer to the employee for the service he has done. It is a form of a thanksgiving to the employee from the employer for his loyal services.

  • Gratuity is the sum of money paid by an employer to an employee for services rendered in the company.
  • This is paid only to the employees who complete a certain time period with the company.
  • It can also be understood as a form of tip but this is given from an employer to an employee for giving services in the company.
  • Different countries have different rules and gratuity limit that is doled out by the employer.

Process of Gratuity

  • An employer may provide gratuity to his employee from his own pocket.
  • He may also take a group gratuity plan with an insurance provider.
  • For group gratuity plan, annual contributions are paid by the employer to the insurance provider.
  • The employee himself too can contribute to his gratuity amount.
  • The insurance company pays the gratuity on the basis of the clauses in the group insurance scheme.

Timeline of Gratuity Payment

Following are three steps involved in gratuity payment:

  • Initiation: An individual or a person authorized must send an application to an employer regarding the gratuity he or she is owed by a company.
  • Acknowledgment and calculation: On receiving the application the company that owes gratuity will calculate the amount and also provide notices to the individual and the controlling authority with the amount specified.
  • Disbursal: The employer then pays the gratuity amount to the individual.

Formula for Gratuity

Gratuity can be calculated on the basis of the number of years the employee worked in the company and last drawn salary. It also depends on a number of other factors like whether you were terminated by the employer or you resigned the job on your own, the type of contract employed under etc. Further, different countries have different rules for calculating gratuity.

Further, it should be noted that different counties have different rules for gratuity calculations. India has a stipulation for a minimum continuous employment of 5 years whereas in the UAE it’s merely a year. The United States does not have any formal system of gratuity. 

To calculate gratuity in the UAE more easily visit

Gratuity and Pension are also often confused, but they are two completely separate categories. While Gratuity is paid to a person one time, the pension is a payment made to the person continuously in installments. Also, the two are different in their essence. Gratuity means a gratitude expressed by the employer and the pension is the retirement benefit paid to the employee. 

Gratuity simply put is thus a unique incentive which is given to all the employees after they finish their employment either they leave their job or it is terminated.

Egypt Is A Real Beauty

The feeling of travelling alone is perhaps the best feeling in the world. You never have to think of anything else apart from exploring the place. When we travel in groups or with family we tend to keep so many things on our mind. But when you travel alone, all you have to keep in mind is the place you are at that instant of time. You think of nothing apart from prying at the beauty of nature. 

There are many people who travel alone and there are many who get goosebumps when they are asked to travel alone.travelling alone is someone’s love and someone’s nightmare. 

I also used to travel in groups but in groups, I could never satisfy myself. So I decided to travel alone and I have been travelling alone since then. 

Recently I was on a solo trip to Egypt. I had heard of something called visa on arrival Egypt and I could not resist myself from going to that place. The place is so beautiful that I got to know about it after reaching there. The country is just more than what they show you on television and newspaper. Egypt is a real beauty.

Never miss a chance if u get to visit Egypt. Systems like visa on arrival in Egypt have made it easier for people to get to the country. The government has created such systems to promote tourism which ultimately increases the revenue of the country. Visa on arrival helps in increasing the number of international tourists that boosts the economy of the country.

Every country should have this system to promote tourism. When I reached Egypt, I was just stunned to see the development out there. It looked so beautiful and sophisticated from the car window.

I visited many places there. The official language of Egypt is Arabic but people out there can speak many languages. They treat tourists with utmost love and care. The hotel I stayed in was very posh and I could see the tip of the pyramids from my hotel room. It all was so mesmerising. I can never forget the experience that I had while I was in Egypt.

The food I was served with was delicious and hygienic.

The best part of my entire trip was the camel ride in the blistering heat. Anyhow I managed to make myself comfortable on the back of the camel. It was funny to be there for the very first in me in my entire life. I have been to many places but Egypt is a no match.

 I fell in love with the place and the people.

 The people there are very considering. They help the strangers and fetch them food if you ask for it. I liked the way they sit on the grounds and have their food. They were so wealthy yet grounded. 

Egypt is a place to learn from. There is no country like Egypt in the entire world.

I hope you liked the article. Do let us know your feedback in the comment box.