Brief Explanation About The Ketogenic Diet

A Ketogenic diet is basically a fats-based diet where a person consumes more fats in a diet with moderate amounts of protein and almost no carbohydrates during the day. You need to keep the carbohydrate as low as possible in this kind of diet. Try to keep your carbohydrates below 20 grams per day for the fastest results. 

The least amount of carbs that you are getting from this diet should be those that cannot be removed or which are bound to be in your diet. Suppose you are consuming a scoop of whey protein, that 1 scoop will have at least 20 grams of and 3 grams of carbs per serving. 

This is why these little quantities cannot be removed due to their availability in the products that you are consuming. But here you do not have to consume food items that have high carbs content in comparison to protein or fats.

Why Is The Ketogenic Diet Used?

The ketogenic diet is basically used by people to get shredded as it has visible results of fat loss in a very short span of time. Gaining fat on the body is very common now with people due to many reasons and getting rid of that fat is very important for the proper functioning of the body. So, people use the ketogenic diet for great fat loss results. But due to the preference of food items in the diet of people, it becomes really tough for people to choose the food options in daily life. At such times, you can add supplements or Keto Boost products to your diet to compensate for the nutrients that you may not be getting if you are not eating the required food items. This is so far the best diet among all the diets for the fat loss process and people can see real-time results with this diet if they are consistent with their workouts and nutrition.

Can You Gain Muscle While Following Ketosis?

Yes, definitely you can add more muscle and get leaner if you are following this diet daily. Suppose a person is taking 1600 calories for fat loss, if that person wants to gain muscle mass, he can try increasing the calories from 1600 to 2200-2300 and get the results within some time of consistent hard work. Though people mostly use this diet for fats loss, still it is possible to gain weight and muscle mass as well to some extent. But if you want a speedy transformation of your muscles, you should go for the high protein diet.

Is Low Carb Diet And Ketogenic Diet Same?

No, both of these diets are different from each other. In the keto diet, you are focusing on taking more good fats every time you are having a meal but in the low carb diet, you are focusing more on protein. A low-carb diet is basically a diet where you do not completely deplete the carbs from your diet, but you try to keep them as low as possible. Suppose you are consuming 150 grams of protein which is your main nutrient in this diet and you keep fats in moderation around 60-70 grams per day and at the end, you keep your carbs low to the extent of 50-60 grams per day. This kind of diet is very helpful in gaining muscle mass and if you want fat loss while following this diet cut the calories from some sources and restrict them below your maintenance calories.

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