Can Shoes And Clothes Bring Covid To Your House

The most common way that we know about the spread of covid is through people who meet each other daily and do not take the daily precautions while meeting each other. Even after you meet a person you are supposed to have a conversation with them from at least 6 metres away and try not to shake hands and remove the mask while talking to each other. Even when you meet someone or you come back home from somewhere outside, you have to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds and sanitize all your essentials like mobile, phone, wallets, bags, or car keys to make them germ-free. But as time is passing, people are not taking all these measures seriously and that is why then sudden rise in coved cases can be seen again in every nation. Keeping yourself clean is what needs the most focus during this pandemic time.

We all know that covid spreads through hands and through the droplets from our mouth and nose but can it spread through your clothes or shoes in your home? Well, yes it can happen with people and it has happened with many people during the last year when the covid cases were witnessing a constant spike every day. When you are out with someone nowadays, most people remove their masks while talking and they do not even realize that their hands are contaminated or dirty. This kind of lenient behavior of people led to the sudden spike in the corona cases and people complain that even after having vaccinations, the corona is not going anywhere. Let’s understand how corona can spread through clothes and shoes and how you can stop it from coming to your home.

From Clothes

When you are out with your friends or you are out to meet someone or you are traveling somewhere, you touch different surfaces and while as you know people remove the masks now. So, when you touch any surface it may be possible that the surface came in contact with the covid particles from someone and while you sit on that surface, you ate those particles with you at home. Even when you talk without a mask, you make sure that you keep your distance while talking but you never know that some little droplets from the other person’s mouth come and drop on your clothes and you do not even know and you are touching your clothes constantly after that which leads to spread of covid. Here what you need to do is keep your distance and ask that person to wear his or her mask and once you get back home, remove those clothes and put them in a separate laundry, and wash them thoroughly.

From Shoes

Even the shoes can contaminate your environment and surroundings with covid, the same thing applies here if you are walking on the road and some droplets are there on the road or on any surface you will take those germs and particles with you in your home. Most of the people now do not bring shoes inside the house but when someone comes to your home, you do not ask them to remove their shoes and come inside. So here, what you can do is give them Disposable Booties or the shoe covers that will cover their shoes and your house will be protected from the harmful particles or germs.

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