Can typescript be used for backend

There are many generic programming languages out there, but they all have one thing in common: they can be used for the front-end and backend. That said, not all of them are built specifically for the web (which is where most developers spend their time). In this article I’ll go over what exactly makes a language good at building web apps, then show how typescript stacks up against other languages when it comes to being used as a backend.

Typescript is very well suited for backend because of its static typing.

Typescript is a superset of Javascript, which means that it has all the features that javascript has. For example, you can use TypeScript to create a web server with Nodejs.

Typescript also offers type safety and strong types. This means you can have less errors when programming in Typescript because it checks for types at compile time instead of at runtime (like in JS).

Typescript also has a build process where it compiles your code into something called “bytecode” which makes it run faster than regular Javascript does by using V8 engine (the same one used by Chrome). Get to know about typescript vs javascript performance.

Typescript supports async/await.

Async/await is a new feature in Typescript 2.8 that makes asynchronous programming easier. This allows you to write functions that return Promises but without having to use the callback pattern. For example:

async function getUser(id) {

return await someServiceThatDoesntExist();

Typescript’s type system is strong and can help avoid many bugs.

One of the most important aspects of Typescript is its strong type system. This means that all variables, parameters and functions must be declared with a specific type or they will not be allowed in your program. For example, if you define a variable as a string value it will force you to use only string literals in that variable’s initialization expression.

This strong typing allows TypeScript to catch many bugs at compile time instead of run-time which helps improve code quality and readability.

There are a lot of great 3rd party libraries that can be used in typescript.

There are a lot of great 3rd party libraries that can be used in typescript. Here are a few examples:

  • Express, a popular Node framework for building web applications.

  • Mongoose, an object mapper for MongoDB written in JavaScript (but works with TypeScript as well).

  • Hapi, another popular framework for building APIs.

  • Redis, client library for the Redis in-memory database.


I don’t think you will find a framework that is more suited to TypeScript than Angular. Angular is built on top of TypeScript, and it has been designed with the best possible support for typed languages like TypeScript in mind. It’s one of the reasons why I decided to use Angular over React: because there’s no need to learn another language if you already know TypeScript!

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