Cretan Hound-The ball of energy

A girl named Lily was absolutely bewildered as to what kind of breed she wanted, but she knew exactly what kind of dog she wanted to buy, so absolutely puzzled she went to a woman whom she knew dealt with dogs and knew all about different breeds. Lily went ahead and explained what kind of canine she wanted.

Lily (to the woman) : I want an affectionate, playful and loyal pet. The dog should be intelligent, well polished, self disciplined , prompt and skillful. I want a dog who can be an excellent watchdog, it should be curious enough to notice strangers and notify my family if it finds something strange. I want a dog which zestful and full of energy, and hence, loves to go for long walks and runs as I love to go on hikes and treks.

I live in a big house, the garden is big, so a lot of stray animals visit often and try to get into the house, the dog should have a strong sense of smell so that it could sense all the other animals before they could enter my house, but it should also be easygoing when pets of my friends come to visit. It should be able to exist with other animal because I have other pets too. It should be social with my family, friends and other pets.

Woman : I think I know which breed will be best suited to you according to your requirements, it is the Cretan Hound.  Let me tell you somethings about  it’s origin and appearance, then you can make a final decision. Cretan Hound is a purebred dog which was earlier reared for coursing, it was bred extensively during the Minoan civilization that blossomed approximately from 3000 BC to 1100 BC, because Crete’s island was cut off from other places, these dogs did not come in contact with other breeds for a long time.Moreover, they were protected by the Cretans, who mostly kept them pure, and it is believed that the hound today mostly looks like it did in the early days. The dog was further exported to other parts of Greece and then to other parts of Europe, and one can now find breeds in these places that have evolved from the this breed.

As far as appearance is concerned, it grows up to twenty to twenty seven inches in height and up to twenty to thirty kilograms in weight. It has a medium to large built with a lean , muscular and athletic body. It is longer than it is tall,  it has a long wedge-shaped head; almond-shaped eyes;  a dark nose; ears that are erect, a strong and sturdy chest and thin muscular legs. it’s busy tail has curled hair upwards and falls towards its head in a ring form. The hair that is longer at the tail’s base makes it look like a brush. It has a short, smooth and hard coat. It comes in many colors, such as, cream, black, brindled, grey, fawn and white. This robust canine usually is low maintenance , much grooming is unnecessary , just some regular brushing, cleaning, and flea treatment is needed.  It mainly needs a lot of physical exercise.

Lily: Now I am excited! This dogs seems to be exactly what I want in a pet. I cannot wait to buy one, after all a dog is a friend and loyal companion for a lifetime!

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