Egypt Is A Real Beauty

The feeling of travelling alone is perhaps the best feeling in the world. You never have to think of anything else apart from exploring the place. When we travel in groups or with family we tend to keep so many things on our mind. But when you travel alone, all you have to keep in mind is the place you are at that instant of time. You think of nothing apart from prying at the beauty of nature. 

There are many people who travel alone and there are many who get goosebumps when they are asked to travel alone.travelling alone is someone’s love and someone’s nightmare. 

I also used to travel in groups but in groups, I could never satisfy myself. So I decided to travel alone and I have been travelling alone since then. 

Recently I was on a solo trip to Egypt. I had heard of something called visa on arrival Egypt and I could not resist myself from going to that place. The place is so beautiful that I got to know about it after reaching there. The country is just more than what they show you on television and newspaper. Egypt is a real beauty.

Never miss a chance if u get to visit Egypt. Systems like visa on arrival in Egypt have made it easier for people to get to the country. The government has created such systems to promote tourism which ultimately increases the revenue of the country. Visa on arrival helps in increasing the number of international tourists that boosts the economy of the country.

Every country should have this system to promote tourism. When I reached Egypt, I was just stunned to see the development out there. It looked so beautiful and sophisticated from the car window.

I visited many places there. The official language of Egypt is Arabic but people out there can speak many languages. They treat tourists with utmost love and care. The hotel I stayed in was very posh and I could see the tip of the pyramids from my hotel room. It all was so mesmerising. I can never forget the experience that I had while I was in Egypt.

The food I was served with was delicious and hygienic.

The best part of my entire trip was the camel ride in the blistering heat. Anyhow I managed to make myself comfortable on the back of the camel. It was funny to be there for the very first in me in my entire life. I have been to many places but Egypt is a no match.

 I fell in love with the place and the people.

 The people there are very considering. They help the strangers and fetch them food if you ask for it. I liked the way they sit on the grounds and have their food. They were so wealthy yet grounded. 

Egypt is a place to learn from. There is no country like Egypt in the entire world.

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