Growing Concern Among Teachers And Parents

Increasing concern among parents and teachers on the depleting academic performance of their children pursuing high schools have made educationalists rack their brains. The high school education is considered to be the fundamental pillar of education that paves the way for a placid and smooth higher education.

If we fail as a teacher or as a parent to help students strengthen the fundamentals during their time in high schools, we are sure to see deteriorating performances of the children in colleges and universities.

Are we making any efforts in the right direction?

Educationalists are relentlessly researching on improving the quality of education in the budding stage by making changes and introducing new and creative subjects which focus on the brain development of the children. What we study in universities and colleges is just an extensive elaboration with few more concepts of what we study during our high school.

The tips may hit your mental inertia

It indeed is crucial to water your roots in the beginning to prevent it from dying out. The more you polish your basics, the better your advanced knowledge gets.

You can make your higher education a success by polishing your fundamental before making your way into any of the desired subjects by working deliberately on the roots as depicted below.

  • Work on the maths formulas for class 10
  • Improve your vocabulary
  • Strengthen your knowledge of history, geography, general science
  • Work on the aptitude
  • Build your communication for better prospects

No matter what subject you study, brushing up on the fundamentals always helps. You may be a maths freak, a science prodigy, a literature lover, someone good with numbers, a lover of the past events or an avid reader and a prolific writer,

The above-mentioned tips will surely help you increase your understanding of the subject you might be opting for in colleges and universities.

What gates does it open?

Working on the maths formulas for class 10 will not only help you clear your concept during your higher studies but also increase your prospects of clarifying entrance exams conducted by the concerned authorities.

The entrance exam question papers of most of the universities are flooded with questions on aptitude, reasoning, general English and science accompanied by few current affairs and general knowledge MCQs.

Let’s solve it

The concern of parents and teachers will surely fade away if students focus on improving upon the basics before pursuing higher education. If teachers and parents commence working together with students, the problems faced by the children after passing out of high school will certainly experience a dip in terms of difficulty. When people can come forward and offer help for blind children by building websites like, they can also solve issues for children passing out of high school.

Authorities will have to come forward

This is not possible unless the government introduces such subjects or sessions as an ancillary or compulsory subject. It gets hard for students to cope with the vast subjects they teach in the school which sucks most of their time of the day. Even parents can not think of hiring a tutor for subjects apart from mathematics, English and science.

So, the schools and the concerned authorities need to take evasive steps to resolve the problem by introducing sessions and hiring teachers for the same.

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