Happy, Smiling Places!

Working in a good environment is very necessary for a productive mindset and thus, to gain success.. unfortunately, many people do not have access to such good work environment..many people I know face overload of work, biasness from their superior, gender discrimination..these situations also sometimes goes to the extent of workplace harassment..I mean what?? How is it even possible to have the audacity to harass your fellow colleagues.

This kind of environment not only hinders the personal growth of the employees, but it also hinders the overall growth of the company.
Luckily, as a working professional, I have never faced such situations..in fact, I haven’t even heard any one else facing any type of prejudice or any kind of biasness in my company. All I can see is happy employees and hard working, supportive superiors around me..which in my opinion is the secret to a healthy growth.
I would like to take the liberty to speak on behalf of my fellow colleagues that the employee satisfaction of my company is very high..I mean we all are so much fond of our company that we look forward to wake up the next day to go to work..our workplace is the perfect mix of formal and in formal environment which promotes great team building skills and creates a healthy communication atmosphere. 
Along with good work environment, we also have a lot of activities that help us bond as employees..it helps us to increase our social quotient..these activities can be easily inculcated by any company to create a fun and healthy work environment
1) Movie night: Every last Friday of every month is a movie night..every team chose movie of their choice and book slots for three hours on that day for the home theater present in the office complex..all the employees watch their chosen movie and bond over popcorn and sodas. I organized a super emotional movie night last Friday..every one cried(success,!)
2) Potluck lunch: Every Thursday of the second week of every month is potluck lunch day, wherein people bring one dish each from their homes and everyone sit together and eat..they all enjoy home cooked food and bond over delectable food.
3) Workshops: Our company believes that every one has a special talent..so they allow us to organize one workshop on any topic once in a month for one hour(obviously it should not overlap other social activities day)..so I organized a workshop on how to make best comic book frames..every one loved it(especially the comic book nerds- which are surprisingly in a big number)
4) Competitions– Once in every three months, we can organize a competition between teams..it can be sports related or writing skills related..or anything..provided that it remains on friendly terms..I participated in Golgappa eating competition organised by a team..I lost though!
All these things make us light headed and relaxed ao that we could spend the next day in giving our best services and working with full force..the warm environment of my office makes us want to stay longer and the growth opportunities they offer help us to be happy and content..which is a very rare feeling nowadays, given the world we are in.

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