How to choose the right respirator

There has been a misconception that respirators are for use by any person who wishes. Unfortunately, that is not the case as there are some classes of people who are prohibited from using a respirator for varied reasons. Those people with heart and lung-related infections should not use a respirator because it can pose big dangers to their health conditions. Remember that a respirator makes these organs to function harder than normal which people with such ailments cannot withstand.

For such people, they will have no option other than withstanding harmful poisons that get through to their respiratory system. You cannot prevent one health condition while deteriorating the state of the other. People who might not be able to enjoy the services of a respirator include those with facial hair like beards. This is because such hair carries contaminators which will easily get access to the respiratory system. For a respirator to function in the best way, you have to make certain that it fits in well into place. There are many ways for testing that so do not proceed to use a respirator that has not been fitted properly.

Consider going through a fit-test which should be done by an expert. It can be carried out often but at least every time you use the respirator is the recommended duration. In case you are making a purchase, you will have to look at factors like model, size, and style before getting to determine the best fitting one. There is a minor procedure called ‘seal check’ which is usually done before you start using the respirator and it’s good to ensure it fits well.

One more thing that you need to be fully acquainted with is the fact that respirators come in different types so be sure to use the right one. There are dust masks while others come as surgical masks which are not necessarily respirators. The right respirator should be designed in a way that it will protect your respiratory system against the effects of injurious chemicals which many other available types cannot help realize.

Some commonly available respirators are N95, P100, N99, etc. These respirators provide decent protection against particles present in the air we breathe in, as well as they are also capable to stop nasal droplets of sick people from entering our body and prevent the spread of infectious viral diseases. Respirators like P100 and N99 can block 99% of the particles present in the air we breathe in, while the N95 respirators can block 95% of the particles. Masks and Gears provides detailed information about different types of masks available. So, you can visit their website to find more info on respirators and masks.

I hope this article will help you to find the best respirator that fits your health condition. If you have any queries related to this topic please share it in the comment section. I will be glad to answer your questions. Also, make sure to come back for more interesting articles like this in the future.

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