Humans Are Social Animals

Have you ever wondered what made different people with different cultures from different region come together? And what possibly could be the reason that made humans socialize to this extent? And why do we constantly keep looking for the company of others?

We, humans, are considered to be the most gregarious animal on the planet who love socializing with others and we do need someone to keep us up on emotions. We look for a partner in a more socialized and understandable way which is completely different from the other breathing animals co-residing with us. We are the owner of a brain that makes us make decisions based on our intuition.

Humans have effortlessly been working on socializing each other through creating many platforms and are relentlessly working on devising new methods for the plain sailing of the purpose.

We as a social animal crave for the company of opposite sex to pep ourselves up with emotions and supports.


Gone are the days when we had to visit places to socialize ourselves with other clans but the advent and the rise of the internet gave birth to many platforms where we can find ourselves the people we want to hang out with. Many social networking platforms and dating sites have made it a cakewalk.

I stay around Bangalore and I am familiar with many of the free dating sites in India without payment along with the other globally recognized applications that help socializing with people and to find ourselves a partner. These sites are damn easy to use and seem to have generated desirable results in terms of finding partners and soulmates.

Many free dating sites in India without payment are particularly meant catering to the needs of the lonely souls longing to find their soulmates. There are few that gratifies the compulsive need of humans but we personally do not support the hookup culture and firmly believe in maintaining the sanctity of any relationship.

The demand of being social has always been high in society and the person who avoids being social is considered to be mentally ill. The  standard definition of health as per the World Health Organisation is

Health is a state of a person being well in terms of physical, mental and social states.

And if you lack any of the above character depicted in the definition, you are sure to be cited as an unhealthy individual. So its high time that you commence socializing with people around you. Socializing with others keeps you happy and help you in finding yourself a place in society.

The more social you are, the more love you fetch in your life. Being gregarious is not the term we use for the microscopic biological creatures but also for the multicelled animals.

Women are more social than men in terms of being in groups where they become prone to bitching on others.  Both man and woman seem to be from different planets because when a man gets upset, he looks of isolation to calm itself while the woman during this phase prefers being in a group to mitigate their pain or the shambles that reverberate in her mind.

Hope you liked the article and would let us know your personal take on being social by commenting below with honest feedback.

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