Is It Possible To Reverse The Process Of Aging

As compared to the previous times the lifespan of people has increased significantly due to advancements in medical facilities and better treatment possibilities. People from all around the globe are still trying to figure out techniques to reverse the aging process to bring back the young time period of their lives. But unfortunately, we have only some tools by which you can predict your age and or your life expectancy. You can even know your date of birth from a certain time or date in a particular year. For instance, what year was I born if im 20 in age in the year 2019? Just put some small details and everything about it.

Is Reversing Your Age Really Possible?

The reversing of the aging mechanism is also feasible for human cells and basic model organisms in laboratory experiments. Science has progressed from microbes and parasites to be able to increase the lives of rodents, rabbits, and monkeys. Thus, extending a lifetime and curing aging is possible in small animals, but not yet for humans. 

While waiting for science to find it out, there are some easy improvements you may make that could help reverse aging or at least reduce the possibility of premature death due to common, but lethal, disorders. Here are some of the basic things that can slow down the aging process and keep you fit.


Exercising can be a very impactful way of slowing down your aging process as your muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments stay safe and stay strong with the growing time. After the age of 30, your body starts a degeneration process and if you have an inactive lifestyle your body will degenerate at a faster pace as compared to a person who is in a fitness lifestyle. Involve yourself with any kind of sports or with any kind of fitness training to keep your body organs and body parts healthy and slow down this aging and degeneration process.


Dieting does not always mean that you have to stop eating for your whole day. You have to follow a calorie deficit diet as per your metabolism so that your body does not get the unwanted calories and put those calories into the adipose tissue. You can even try intermittent fasting with around 10-15 % restriction on your diet. Caloric limitations are too severe for most individuals, so intermittent fasting, a fairly mild option, is now more common. This is how you can balance your diet and sustain a balanced lifestyle. 

  • Feed yourself with a healthy and nutritious diet. 
  • Drink in moderation or avoid it altogether. 
  • Quit Smoking and Vaping.
  • Maintain an active lifestyle. 
  • Sleep at least for eight hours in the night.

Add Supplementation

You can add more healthy fats and vitamin supplements in your daily routine that will benefit you in adding more years to your lifespan and slowing down the aging process. But one should never be fully dependent on the supplements as it can be altered easily by the vendors. Add more natural things but if it is not adequate for you, then you can add supplements after consulting your doctor. 

Sleeping And Resting

Resting your mind at night for 8-9 hours is a very good measure that you should adopt in your lifestyle to reduce the stress caused during the whole day. It is advised that you should take a sound sleep at night to keep yourself energetic for the next day.

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