Mini Guide To The Smashing Four Game

Smashing Four is a strategy based game released in the year 2018 by Geewa. Geewa is one of the leading game producers of competitive games and smashing four became one of the most successful games of all time with millions of user bases all around the globe. It is a 1 vs 1 multiplayer game where players use their heroes and battle them against each other to earn rewards such as gems, hero cards, and game coins. 

There are certainly other ways by which you can earn these rewards which include online generators, online cheats or hacks, and smashing four mod apk. These are some unethical ways of earning rewards but sometimes you can take advantage of these sources as well.

Features Of Smashing Four Game

Game Arenas

There are almost 9 gaming arenas in the game and each arena offers something unique as compared to the other arena. You move to a new arena with every win and every new trophy. The gameplay strategy changes from arena to arena and you get to play with new heroes with every new arena.

Game Heros

Heros are the players that play the game in the arena and each hero has two attributes: damage and health. Each hero has their own unique style of fighting and possesses a unique skill of their own. As you progress in every arena your new heroes get unlocked and some of the heroes even use spells that can be good or bad.

Game Clans

There are three types of clans in this game and each clan has some requirements to be fulfilled. You need to have enough trophies to enter clans. Five types of players are found in the clans which are: Leader, captain, elder, participant, and novice. Every person has his own rights except for participants and novice.

Game Trophy

As you play every game in any clan with any person across the globe you get rewarded in the form of a trophy. Trophies are needed to proceed further in the game. There are ratings of the clans that decide the cost of the trophy. 

Game Rewards

As you all must know that when you play any game you get rewards in many forms. Here in this game, you get rewards in the form of gems, trophies, and coins. You can collect all these rewards by playing the game or you can earn some rewards from the game as freebies.

Saving Your Progress In The Game

Your game progress is saved automatically once you have downloaded it to your android or ios device and connected it with google play games on android and game center on ios devices. People are allowed to use only one account on one device. So, the game is connected with your Gmail account, thus your game progress is secured and your data is protected.

The game on the other hand does not provide any sort of feature that can help you resume your game from where you left it and uninstalled it on your device. If you have installed this game on the new device, your google play or game center account will be connected but you have to start from scratch. So, you can save your progress on only one device but if you are willing to change your device, be ready to start from the beginning.

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