Most Common Rickshaws You Will Find In Delhi

Delhi is the capital of Indian and it is one of the most populated cities in the world. Looking at the population here in Delhi, a large number of public transportation is required here at affordable prices to help people move from one place to another at a cheap cost and save their time and money. There are a large number of options available for public transport in Delhi including the Delhi Metro, Local Trains, Taxis, and Rickshaws for easy travel options as per the customer requirement. A person can find every possible means of transportation here and at every place you go.

Rickshaws are the most common means of transportation for people in Delhi, even if people use the metro to reach places, they still need to hire a rickshaw to reach the original destination as the metro trains do not drop you at the desired location. There are a variety of rickshaws you can see in Delhi but the most common ones are listed below.

Cycle Rickshaws

Cycle rickshaws are still very commonly seen in transit vehicles in Delhi, even though electric rickshaws are highly available here, you can easily find cycle rickshaws on every street of Delhi. There are many locations where only these rickshaws are more used as compared to the other rickshaws. Although they require more human effort and power to drive, still many people are earning their livelihood by driving these vehicles only. Most commonly they can be seen near household localities, metro stations, and other places of tourism.

Electric Rickshaws

Electric rickshaws have the largest market share when it comes to cheap public transportation in Delhi. They can be found literally anywhere you go in Delhi. They came as the replacement for the traditional cycle rickshaws to save more time for people and carry more passengers at the same time. They can be charges at homes and generally consume very low electricity for charging the battery. People have now started investing in these rickshaws as they are cheap, require less maintenance, and have a great return on investment for people who are in the Electric rickshaw business.

Auto Rickshaws

Auto rickshaws are not only common in Delhi, but they can be found anywhere you go in India. But the most number of auto-rickshaws are currently found in Delhi/NCR and the sole reason for their abundance is the growing population of the city. Auto rickshaws can be purchased by anyone who wants to start a business of public transportation and the auto price in Delhi is very cheap as compared to the other major cities of India. All the auto’s here run on LPG or CNG due to less rates, good fuel economy, and great availability of these pumps here. 

Gramin Sewa

Gramin Sewa is basically the auto service created for the people who do not want to spend so much money on auto-rickshaws but at the same time, people can make their transit a lot faster as compared to the normal bus transit service. They are very cheap and at the very same time can carry more than 10 persons. Generally, you can find them on routes that have connectivity with the metro stations. They have a defined route and do not operate outside that route, which is why they are not available in every location of Delhi but mostly they can be seen at crowded places, where a lot of people like to go daily.

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