My Struggle As An Ambitious Student

Students are often confused regarding the selection of a stream to pursue after high schools which indeed is common. Not everybody is cocksure about their destination and goals. I too had been through the same phase when my goals kept changing every day due to the paucity of knowledge and information I had in my bag.

I was no different either

I, like other students of my age, was completely dependant on my parents and teachers for advice on how and what to pursue after high school. The internet was not that popular during the time I was on the bridge and had a mind full of confusions and questions on opting any stream as an average student with few serious inclinations.

Lack of sources made it even more complex

We hardly had any access to the internet during our time as a high school student. We had no smartphones crammed full of technologies and information to guide us through the journey. We are from the time way before the introduction of the GST calculator in India. We have seen our parents and teachers struggling with income tax return files at the end of every session.

Confusions lead to discussions

When I walk down the memory lane, I recall incidents that make me laugh on my having so little knowledge to serve. I was rather confused and was in complete shambles when it came to opting for a subject that I should be pursuing ahead as a career.

I remember sitting with our teachers for hours just to get the hang of opportunities that we might get after pursuing a particular subject. The teachers used to clarify every question that ever precipitated in our indecisive minds with their anecdotes and experiences.

Successfully landed but completely unaware


I finally with much deliberation made my mind up to pursue science stream. This indeed was rather gruelling but the advice from the teachers and parents made it easier for me to decide and choose the best for my career. I now knew the prospects that it may fetch but was completely ignorant of the difficulties that come dangling with it.

Tough time as a friend

This was the time when I had to experience separations from my friends who made their way to other streams. The days for me were hard to deal with but things passed away with time. I got entangled with the integrations and differentiations that used to invade more than two to three pages. While my friends who opted for commerce had to struggle with bulky problems of accounts and stressed business topics.

I remember our having prolonged discussions on the scientific theories and researches accompanied by the prospects of GST calculator in India.

Nostalgia is always there

I recall the days as a cocktail of nostalgia and poignancy to be served on the table of our present discussions with new friends and colleagues. We still recognise our old days as a student combatting with career options and how intently we used to listen to our alumni and teachers. That deliberate flipping of newspapers just in quest of something important we might come across consumed our time like anything.

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