Opal Aura Quartz – A stone that defines divineness

Hello everyone! Thanks for dropping by. Today’s post is going to be about an exciting topic that has held the attention of many crystal enthusiasts from time to time. I’m talking about quartz stones.

Quartz ranges with their softness and hardness as we can say the soft quartz to be sulfur and the hardest to be a diamond. They are indeed a big family of minerals. Quartz is really auspicious because they have extraordinary high vibrations and consciousness to heal the physical and the spiritual body. 

Aura quartz is natural quartz and is also known as Rock Crystal. There are many aura quartzes available in nature that are very beneficial for humankind. Among them is the opal aura quartz that contains the properties of clear quartz and is bonded with platinum, sometimes silver and has a pearly sheen with pale rainbow iridescence. This quartz is known to have a powerful and intense energy that stimulates, balances, clears all chakras and cleanses the auras. It is partially synthetic and is a bit different from regular quartz. 

Opal aura is used to make jewelry trade as well as a desirable collector’s pieces. Opal aura plays a vital role in meditation as it helps to bring a strong connection with the spirit guides and the wisdom and between the physical and the astral bodies.

Opal aura is a crystal of joy and signifies hope and optimism like a rainbow. By the sight of its various rainbow colors and the fire like sparkles of this aura, it can replace the dump and down mood of a viewer into a joyful one.

This aura acts as a sheath of magnetical energy that allows access to the angelic realms. It is even believed that connection with the divine is possible after meditating and processing the received information into a physical platform with this magical aura.

It is also known as the crystal of love and friendship that helps to attract friends and lovers to you and helps strengthen the bond of friendship and love that one already has in their life. The crystal also removes negative attitudes and belief systems, and bonds that no longer serves. It dispels the physic vampires and parasites by healing the physical and emotional wounds. It also helps in soothing burns.

Opal aura quartz is also known for its astonishing beauty. They are polished and turned into beautifully designed pendants. The beauty of this crystal is so dazzling that you will want a prominent place in your home to display a large specimen of it. Some experts also suggest to wear it as a bracelet on the wrist of the hand we write with.

That was my take on the quartz crystal. It is truly one of the best in the crystal world. Besides being a beautiful gem to look at, it as unparalleled spiritual, mental and physical benefits. If you are a believer in crystal healing and if you trust the power of crystals, this article must have made your beliefs stronger.

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