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Poverty – Curse or Boon?

I have been living in the slums of Dharavi for three years now. For a guy who hasn’t seen or known poverty very well, this was quite a thing to do –  to get a first-hand experience of living around poverty. I was born with a silver spoon and there was no way I would have done this had I not met Natasha, the girl from an international NGO that takes care of slum kids. She was the who changed my perspective. She was the one who planted the idea of seeing and feeling a life of poverty. It was, in fact, a challenge that she had given me and I was too naive to have agreed. But now that I think of it, I feel like I need to thank her for putting up that challenge for me.

Three years later, as I write this post sitting in the small verandah of my rented 1 RK room, I feel that I was lucky to have experienced this life. There is so much that I learned from this experience. I was very confused about how it would feel like living in poverty and now I know how it feels like. It is not bad at all. In fact, there are a lot of good things that you do not get to experience when you are not poor.

I was a student of economics and I know about the strongest currency in the world. In fact, I know about the changing world economy. I stay updated on the things happening in the finance world. That is a part of who I am. However, there is another part of me that I recently discovered. There is a part of me that is passionate and caring and curious.

I have started wondering if poverty is actually a bad thing. Is it right to label someone as poor just because they don’t have the things that the so-called “rich people” have?

Well, after some close interaction with the locals of Dharavi, I think I got my answer. Poverty is not about not having the things that can make you survive. It is actually about not having the basic human emotions that make you truly human. 

You can actually live a happy life as a poor person than you would as someone who has a lot of wealth but not anybody to call his own. There is more love and unity in the slums than there is in the concrete jungles of the rich.

So, if you ask me whether I would choose to be a rich guy or a poor guy,  I would choose to be a poor guy with a rich heart. That’s how I would be happy with my life. While I am still fascinated by shiny objects and things like knowing about the strongest currency in the world, I am more fascinated by the idea of sharing a meal together with my loved ones. I am fascinated at the thought of being close to my loved ones and living a life full of true happiness and joy.

Those were my thoughts about poverty. Tell me what you think about it in the comment section below. I would love to know your thoughts too.

Humans Are Social Animals

Have you ever wondered what made different people with different cultures from different region come together? And what possibly could be the reason that made humans socialize to this extent? And why do we constantly keep looking for the company of others?

We, humans, are considered to be the most gregarious animal on the planet who love socializing with others and we do need someone to keep us up on emotions. We look for a partner in a more socialized and understandable way which is completely different from the other breathing animals co-residing with us. We are the owner of a brain that makes us make decisions based on our intuition.

Humans have effortlessly been working on socializing each other through creating many platforms and are relentlessly working on devising new methods for the plain sailing of the purpose.

We as a social animal crave for the company of opposite sex to pep ourselves up with emotions and supports.


Gone are the days when we had to visit places to socialize ourselves with other clans but the advent and the rise of the internet gave birth to many platforms where we can find ourselves the people we want to hang out with. Many social networking platforms and dating sites have made it a cakewalk.

I stay around Bangalore and I am familiar with many of the free dating sites in India without payment along with the other globally recognized applications that help socializing with people and to find ourselves a partner. These sites are damn easy to use and seem to have generated desirable results in terms of finding partners and soulmates.

Many free dating sites in India without payment are particularly meant catering to the needs of the lonely souls longing to find their soulmates. There are few that gratifies the compulsive need of humans but we personally do not support the hookup culture and firmly believe in maintaining the sanctity of any relationship.

The demand of being social has always been high in society and the person who avoids being social is considered to be mentally ill. The  standard definition of health as per the World Health Organisation is

Health is a state of a person being well in terms of physical, mental and social states.

And if you lack any of the above character depicted in the definition, you are sure to be cited as an unhealthy individual. So its high time that you commence socializing with people around you. Socializing with others keeps you happy and help you in finding yourself a place in society.

The more social you are, the more love you fetch in your life. Being gregarious is not the term we use for the microscopic biological creatures but also for the multicelled animals.

Women are more social than men in terms of being in groups where they become prone to bitching on others.  Both man and woman seem to be from different planets because when a man gets upset, he looks of isolation to calm itself while the woman during this phase prefers being in a group to mitigate their pain or the shambles that reverberate in her mind.

Hope you liked the article and would let us know your personal take on being social by commenting below with honest feedback.

The Importance Of Competitive Spirit

The best place to see yourself is perhaps not the mirror. It indeed is the eyes of the people where you can see yourself. People have been trying to get the better of each other in terms of almost every aspect of life. We have always been trying to surpass our competitors in schools, colleges and workplaces. This is important though but the competition should be healthy and should not have any bad impact on the fellow competitors.

Competitive spirit is not we have always been taking it to be as

The tradition of a competition is to infuse competitive spirit in the people and not to cram them with jealousy and self-pity. It is not to infuse inferiority complexes in the people but to help you fathom your performance and track the weaknesses down to improve upon it.

Learn new skills and improve upon the existing on

The only way we can keep the competitive spirit alive within us in a very positive and healthy way is through propelling oneself everyday to make efforts out of its Pacific zone. We can inculcate the same principle as that of the one used by the patanjali paridhan to survive in the market. They were the one to start from level zero and kept pushing themselves to one without dabbling in any unfair means.

Patanjali paridhan kept improving upon their existing products besides launching the new ones. This concept of self-improvement can be borrowed from them and the likes in order to keep this spirit alive in ourselves for better prospects.

I too had a bad time with the concept

I remember being jealous of my classmates who used to be in the good books of my favourite teachers and I really used to try very hard to make a place in those good books of my teachers and the people around I was attracted to. I made every effort to improve myself in terms of skills and knowledge to stay ahead of my peers. I knew then that the notions I used to have during my school or college days in pertinence to competitive spirit were quite unethical and immoral. But I could not see any other way around.

My suggestion to the present generation would be

  • Make the most of your leisure time
  • Keep educating yourself every single day
  • Learn the skills you require to excel in life
  • Nurture positive competitive spirit in yourselves
  • Learn to take constructive criticism

Don’t try that hard

If you really care for your personal growth in a positive way, the above-depicted points will surely fetch you good results and go a long way in moulding you for the future. You are sure to see success once you inculcate the healthy competitive spirit. This mentality of yours will set you ahead of all your peers and give you a face in the crowd of millions.

I hope the article will make you aware of the mistakes that you have been committing and denigrating the spirit of competition. We never know what is there in the store for us. We just can have our fingers crossed and hope for the best to take place without expecting any ominous cloud hovering above our head.

The Importance Of School In Our Life

A school is a place where we construct ourselves for the future in a way that paves the way full of opportunities ahead in life. I have always been concerned about my future which I still am but the skills and principles I learned during my school days stand by my side whenever I find myself at a loss in life. My initial education has always helped me in making decisions and executing plans that have always been best for me.

It helped me a lot

The knowledge that I gained in my initial stage of life is still making me stand in the crowd. All those periods that I hated the most, all those teachers I used to avoid coming in front and all those exams that filled my life with dread finally came to my rescue whenever I found myself in hot waters.

Never let me feel low

Even today as an accountant in a Canada based firm, where I find myself struggling with HST Calculators and everlasting intricate accounts never bothered me a bit. I never let myself fall in the hands of the circumstances despite my normal schooling like most of the Indians. I have successfully made an entry in the world of my dreams. Though I did face problems in the beginning, the education that my school imparted to me makes these high-end concepts like HST calculators a cakewalk for me. I had no idea then that when I learned to create truth tables I would also learn to handle more complicated mathematical concepts. But, as luck would have it, learning to create truth tables had made me come into terns with the truth that I could be anyone I wanted if I had the will to do what it takes to get there.

It can never be debated

None of us can deny the importance of school in our lives. The role that schools play in the life of an individual can never be debated on any platform. We all have been provided with the best experiences of our teachers and parents who perfectly served us. School has always been the pioneer in making the progress of a kid. They are the one to build the foundation of society by educating the human resources.

Getting nostalgic is the only thing that I can do

I kind of hated school because of the monotony it served. But now that I am capable enough to think of the doors it opened for me. I love it the most and desperately want to go back. I still remember sitting at the last bench making fun of everybody around. I wish I had not done that. I should have dragged as much as possible.

I consider school the reason behind my success as it helped me to make into the best college in the country where I studied to pave my way into a glorious present. It is very common to get nostalgic and miss those old days. But really I can not express all my thoughts in just a few words.

Believe it or not

Make the most of the school by completely indulging yourself into it. A school is a place that moulds your tender mind and prepares it to face challenges of life. No matter how far you get in life, the knowledge gained in school will always prove to be the axe we need to chop off the weeds of difficulty.

Basic Maths In Day To Day Life

The importance of basic maths can never be denied in our life. We need maths in our daily life almost at every point. Our ability to play with a few numbers can be of great help to us. We need mathematics when we are to pay the grocery shop or file the income tax. So if we can be a bit sharp with the calculation and improve our ability to juggle a few numbers, it would really be great.

Did it ever occur to you how important a role does maths play in our lives? No matter what our professions are and where we stay, we need this ability to knock numbers down in almost every aspect of life.

It spares none

As a student, I have always been afraid of numbers in schools and tried avoiding it on almost every occasions. I was not weak in the subject but I hated it more than anything in the world. The multiplication tables were something could never get rid of. Even today I keep encountering the use of these tables. But it is no more as tough as it used to be during those school days. Now, I have access to www.1to20tables.com, which made the job even easier and helped me a lot to get rid of such complications.

We can’t drop maths even if we desperately want to.

There are plenty of uses of maths in our day to day life at homes, at work, at grocery stores, at school and at travel. There is not even a single day that goes by without testing our mathematics. So it becomes a necessity to learn at least the basics of it to simplify our life a bit and save our time and money.

Complications simplified to a great extent

The best part of the maths I am talking about is that you don’t need to spend money on it to get the hang of. All it asks for is your precious time to be invested in a self-learning process. There are ample materials available on the internet that can help you nail it without any complication. The names of such websites are listed in the length for you to have a glance at which may help.

  • Make the most of the websites similar to www.1to20tables.com to simplify the complications that you face while dealing with multiplications
  • Brush up the basics to get familiar with the numbers and basic operations
  • Try using your brain instead of using calculators for easy and simple calculations
  • Learn shortcuts and tricks to improve mental maths
  • Play number related games and puzzles
  • Improve your number literacy
  • Keep yourself motivated through self-help books
  • Practice regularly   


If I can then you too can

My life took a sharp turn when I started making use of the resources in the best possible way. Now I hardly get stuck with the numbers.

You too can help yourselves out just by taking some time out of your hectic schedule and make your mind up to face the numbers. You are sure to see the positive results just within a few days of diligent deliberate working. Make the most of the internet to educate yourselves and become great with the numbers and symbols.

Growing Concern Among Teachers And Parents

Increasing concern among parents and teachers on the depleting academic performance of their children pursuing high schools have made educationalists rack their brains. The high school education is considered to be the fundamental pillar of education that paves the way for a placid and smooth higher education.

If we fail as a teacher or as a parent to help students strengthen the fundamentals during their time in high schools, we are sure to see deteriorating performances of the children in colleges and universities.

Are we making any efforts in the right direction?

Educationalists are relentlessly researching on improving the quality of education in the budding stage by making changes and introducing new and creative subjects which focus on the brain development of the children. What we study in universities and colleges is just an extensive elaboration with few more concepts of what we study during our high school.

The tips may hit your mental inertia

It indeed is crucial to water your roots in the beginning to prevent it from dying out. The more you polish your basics, the better your advanced knowledge gets.

You can make your higher education a success by polishing your fundamental before making your way into any of the desired subjects by working deliberately on the roots as depicted below.

  • Work on the maths formulas for class 10
  • Improve your vocabulary
  • Strengthen your knowledge of history, geography, general science
  • Work on the aptitude
  • Build your communication for better prospects

No matter what subject you study, brushing up on the fundamentals always helps. You may be a maths freak, a science prodigy, a literature lover, someone good with numbers, a lover of the past events or an avid reader and a prolific writer,

The above-mentioned tips will surely help you increase your understanding of the subject you might be opting for in colleges and universities.

What gates does it open?

Working on the maths formulas for class 10 will not only help you clear your concept during your higher studies but also increase your prospects of clarifying entrance exams conducted by the concerned authorities.

The entrance exam question papers of most of the universities are flooded with questions on aptitude, reasoning, general English and science accompanied by few current affairs and general knowledge MCQs.

Let’s solve it

The concern of parents and teachers will surely fade away if students focus on improving upon the basics before pursuing higher education. If teachers and parents commence working together with students, the problems faced by the children after passing out of high school will certainly experience a dip in terms of difficulty. When people can come forward and offer help for blind children by building websites like brailletranslator.net, they can also solve issues for children passing out of high school.

Authorities will have to come forward

This is not possible unless the government introduces such subjects or sessions as an ancillary or compulsory subject. It gets hard for students to cope with the vast subjects they teach in the school which sucks most of their time of the day. Even parents can not think of hiring a tutor for subjects apart from mathematics, English and science.

So, the schools and the concerned authorities need to take evasive steps to resolve the problem by introducing sessions and hiring teachers for the same.

My Struggle As An Ambitious Student

Students are often confused regarding the selection of a stream to pursue after high schools which indeed is common. Not everybody is cocksure about their destination and goals. I too had been through the same phase when my goals kept changing every day due to the paucity of knowledge and information I had in my bag.

I was no different either

I, like other students of my age, was completely dependant on my parents and teachers for advice on how and what to pursue after high school. The internet was not that popular during the time I was on the bridge and had a mind full of confusions and questions on opting any stream as an average student with few serious inclinations.

Lack of sources made it even more complex

We hardly had any access to the internet during our time as a high school student. We had no smartphones crammed full of technologies and information to guide us through the journey. We are from the time way before the introduction of the GST calculator in India. We have seen our parents and teachers struggling with income tax return files at the end of every session.

Confusions lead to discussions

When I walk down the memory lane, I recall incidents that make me laugh on my having so little knowledge to serve. I was rather confused and was in complete shambles when it came to opting for a subject that I should be pursuing ahead as a career.

I remember sitting with our teachers for hours just to get the hang of opportunities that we might get after pursuing a particular subject. The teachers used to clarify every question that ever precipitated in our indecisive minds with their anecdotes and experiences.

Successfully landed but completely unaware


I finally with much deliberation made my mind up to pursue science stream. This indeed was rather gruelling but the advice from the teachers and parents made it easier for me to decide and choose the best for my career. I now knew the prospects that it may fetch but was completely ignorant of the difficulties that come dangling with it.

Tough time as a friend

This was the time when I had to experience separations from my friends who made their way to other streams. The days for me were hard to deal with but things passed away with time. I got entangled with the integrations and differentiations that used to invade more than two to three pages. While my friends who opted for commerce had to struggle with bulky problems of accounts and stressed business topics.

I remember our having prolonged discussions on the scientific theories and researches accompanied by the prospects of GST calculator in India.

Nostalgia is always there

I recall the days as a cocktail of nostalgia and poignancy to be served on the table of our present discussions with new friends and colleagues. We still recognise our old days as a student combatting with career options and how intently we used to listen to our alumni and teachers. That deliberate flipping of newspapers just in quest of something important we might come across consumed our time like anything.

Best gaming sites for online gamers

It is a common belief that gamers don’t have a social life. While there is not much light on this theory, it is true that gamers spend a lot of their time indoors. However, this does n’t make them a loner. As the modern world has become more digital than ever before, a lot of platforms have come up for gamers that help them meet and connect with people who share similar interests. In this article, I am going to show you the most popular platforms where gamers can communicate with each other and socialize.

Here goes the list:

1. WeGame

This website is one of the coolest websites for gamers. It has amazing features that make gamers come back to the site time and again. One of the most used features of this website is the video record tool. It lets you record your gaming moments and share it with your friends on the WeGame network.

2. Twitch

This is another awesome platform for gamers. If you are a hardcore gamer, you must definitely have heard of it or might be using it. This website lets you stream your favourite games with the world. If you are a streamer on Twitch, you can get more followers from this website called Streamer On Fire. There are amazing deals on Streamer on Fire. You can use it to increase your following and become more popular on Twitch.

3. GameTrailers

If you are someone who is constantly looking for new online games to play, then this website is for you. Here you will find the latest trailer of upcoming games in the market. You can also get reviews about the games so that you understand whether playing the game is worth your time. You can also use the forum feature in this site to interact with other gamers.

4. GamerFAQs

This is one of the oldest platforms for gamers to connect online. It was formed in the 1990s. During that time it was just a discussion forum for people to join discussions about new gaming trends. This website was basically  the practice ground for other game enthusiasts to come up with their own gaming community platforms. This is still one of the most popular gaming community platforms today.

5. GamerDating

This is one of the best websites for gamers who want to find love. You can use this website to find someone who shares your interest. There is nothing better than dating someone who has the same interest as you. Try gamer dating and you will know what I am talking about.

We hope you found this post useful and informative. In case you have any queries or suggestions related to this post, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, let us know if you want to learn more about gaming and the online gaming community. We will be glad to share more info with you.

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How to start your own podcast

The origin of podcasting can be traced back to the year 2004 when Adan Curry and Dave Winer took it upon themselves to come up with the concept of downloading internet radio broadcasts to iPod. As the years rolled by, many developers worked on the concept to make it better. Podcasting is the result of these efforts.

Now you know what a podcast is. But the question remains – how do you start your own podcasting service? Read on to find out.

1. Read blogs related to your topic

To start a podcast, you need to have a very clear understanding of the topic. You can learn more by reading blogs about the topic you want to make a podcast on.

2. Listen to podcasts about your topic

When you are just starting off on your podcasting journey, you will want to follow people who are already doing well in your space. Listen to other podcasters who share similar interests and get some idea for your podcast content.

3. Transcribe your audio

As a podcaster, you have to do everything that makes your podcast better. Transcription of your audio files is one thing that you definitely need to be doing as a podcaster. There is this free audio to text converter which you can use for the purpose. Using this audio to text converter you can get transcriptions of your podcast audio which you can use as a blog post or YouTube subtitles.

4. Understand your niche

Make sure that you understand your niche really well. The internet is constantly updated with new content. Having a good understanding of your niche is crucial for creating a good podcast.

5. Make it a habit of listening to your own voice

A lot of people find it awkward listening to their own voice. When you want to be a podcaster, you have to listen to your own voice. You can’t be a good podcaster if you are not comfortable listening to your own voice.

6. Set Google alerts about your topic

Google Alerts is one of the best tools that helps you stay updated with new contents from around your topic. Make sure to set alerts about the topic that you want to create a podcast about. This will help you in staying updated with the latest trends around your niche. You can then create better podcasts around your topic.

7. Start right now

There is no better time to start podcasting than now. You may spend a lot of time pondering with the thought of getting started or you may get started right now. There is no better way to learn a new skill than having a first-hand experience of it.

I hope you found this post useful and informative. If you have any queries or suggestions related to this post, feel free to leave a comment below. Also, let us know if you want to know more about podcasting. We would be glad to provide more info.

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