Penny Boards on the Line!

Travelling has surely become one of the most popular hobby of it of the elders or the youth..people enjoy travelling to the fullest because exploring new places and the way to go to new places is truly exciting. If you pull out social media bios of people you will find wanderlust or love for travel surely mentioned..which obviously tells that people have started working hard so that they can travel all around their city, travel all their country and travel all over the world.

There are certainly a lot of safe ways to travel..and of course they are preferable, but sometimes doing something risky or travelling with a risk(but with full security) brings in an adrenaline rush.

  1. Motorcycle: Motorcycle is a very exciting but a risky way to is fast but uncovered..although bikes may have the reach to travel on thin roads and rocky terrains, but maintaining a balance might be an issue..and, after you loose your balance, there might be a chance that you may not survive. But, riding a motorcycle is exciting as it is the only vehicle that let’s you feel the weather as it is. It helps you to travel in open air and on small roads. Point to remember: ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET WHILE TRAVELLING ON A MOTORCYCLE.
  2. Airplane: On one hand, airplane is the safest, shortest and easiest way to travel, but on the other hand, it is risky too.. in case of an engine failure of the machine, or in case of any problem in the working of the machine, the whole airplane can lead it’s passengers to horrific deaths. Point to remember: ALWAYS FOLLOW THE SAFETY PROTOCOLS MENTIONED IN THE AIRPLANE AND FOLLOW THE SAFETY PROCEDURES IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY
  3. Penny Boards: What are penny boards might be your question. Penny boards are a kind of a skateboard..which is made of plastic and it is smaller..penny boards has four wheels and you can travel on it for short distances..penny boards can be risky if the traveler doesn’t know how to handle it’s speed and doesn’t know how to operate it well. POINT TO REMEMBER: PRACTICE WELL BEFORE RIDING A PENNY BOARD AND WEAR PROTECTIVE GEAR WHILE RIDING IT.
  4. Sledge: Dog sledges are generally used in snowy areas as a mode of transportation..these sledges are low sitting and are carried by many dogs at a time. This sledge might be very exciting and exhilarating but they are risky too, as the passenger can easily slide off from the sledge because of the incredible speed of the dog. The sledge can flip over while being used too. POINT TO REMEMBER: TRAVEL ON A SLEDGE WHICH IS OPERATED BY TRAINED DOGS ONLY.
  5. Boats: Boats are a very exciting way to travel but they are risky too, as they are small and cannot carry much loads..they are easily prone to drowning and can cause the passengers to gasp for their lives..especially in water bodies with a high current of water. POINT TO REMEMBER: ALWAYS GET ON A BOAT WITH A LIFE JACKET ON, IT WILL HELP YOU TO FLOAT IN CASE YOU ARE DROWNING.

Travelling with risks are surely exciting and exhilarating but necessary actions and precautions should also be take care of..after all, your life is precious.   

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