Strategy Games: The All-time Favorite

Nowadays strategy games are very popular among all age groups all over the world. Modern gamers are almost unlimited in their choice – you may play strategy games you like most of all: it can be either online versions of popular board games or offline strategy games. Strategy videogames are representing one of the largest categories in the gaming industry, there are:

Simulation games (where you need to apply your strategic skills in order to pass the level or solve the problem the main character faces),

Wargames (simulations of historical or modern battles, where you have to do all the strategic planning and lead your army to the victory),

Team strategy games (usually one side is in defense and other is in the offense)

If you play strategy games on your computer or gaming console you probably already know that strategic videogames are divided according to the offered gameplay: either it is a real-time strategy (RTS) when the game is played continuously, or players make actions and moves in turns – it is a turn-based strategy (TBS). In the majority of offline strategy games we play, the computer often acts as the opposite side or represents several competitors/enemies – difficulty level may be adjusted in accordance with any player’s skills.

In our age of computer technologies it is easy to try every videogame product before you buy it – just watch game trailers, read descriptions with screenshots, or get trial versions to play strategy games for free with a limited functionality though. Also there is another great tool, which will help you to make a decision – on game portals you may watch gameplay videos or developers’ blogs – there you may learn about strategy game system requirements, in-game features, and bonuses.

If you once tried to play strategy games – you will not remain indifferent to this genre: either you will stop playing strategic games (because you may find them too boring or time-consuming) or you will fall in love with it for a long time. Sure, tastes differ, but in a large variety of popular games you will find the right one.

If you do not have much time to dedicate for gaming or just do not want to download several gigabytes of trial versions – you may try online strategy games, which can be played directly on the website. A popular example of such strategy games is the Tower Defense series – popular flash game. Or there is another popular strategy arcade game – Plants Vs. Zombies by PopCap, which has earned the ‘Most Downloadable Game’ award this year.

The final choice is totally up to you – whether you will build your strategy in battles against Napoleon, alien invaders, zombies, or plan and count your moves in a board game to gain victory. Play strategy games to develop your strategic skills or just spend time with your friends enjoying the multiplayer mode.

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