The Importance Of Competitive Spirit

The best place to see yourself is perhaps not the mirror. It indeed is the eyes of the people where you can see yourself. People have been trying to get the better of each other in terms of almost every aspect of life. We have always been trying to surpass our competitors in schools, colleges and workplaces. This is important though but the competition should be healthy and should not have any bad impact on the fellow competitors.

Competitive spirit is not we have always been taking it to be as

The tradition of a competition is to infuse competitive spirit in the people and not to cram them with jealousy and self-pity. It is not to infuse inferiority complexes in the people but to help you fathom your performance and track the weaknesses down to improve upon it.

Learn new skills and improve upon the existing on

The only way we can keep the competitive spirit alive within us in a very positive and healthy way is through propelling oneself everyday to make efforts out of its Pacific zone. We can inculcate the same principle as that of the one used by the patanjali paridhan to survive in the market. They were the one to start from level zero and kept pushing themselves to one without dabbling in any unfair means.

Patanjali paridhan kept improving upon their existing products besides launching the new ones. This concept of self-improvement can be borrowed from them and the likes in order to keep this spirit alive in ourselves for better prospects.

I too had a bad time with the concept

I remember being jealous of my classmates who used to be in the good books of my favourite teachers and I really used to try very hard to make a place in those good books of my teachers and the people around I was attracted to. I made every effort to improve myself in terms of skills and knowledge to stay ahead of my peers. I knew then that the notions I used to have during my school or college days in pertinence to competitive spirit were quite unethical and immoral. But I could not see any other way around.

My suggestion to the present generation would be

  • Make the most of your leisure time
  • Keep educating yourself every single day
  • Learn the skills you require to excel in life
  • Nurture positive competitive spirit in yourselves
  • Learn to take constructive criticism

Don’t try that hard

If you really care for your personal growth in a positive way, the above-depicted points will surely fetch you good results and go a long way in moulding you for the future. You are sure to see success once you inculcate the healthy competitive spirit. This mentality of yours will set you ahead of all your peers and give you a face in the crowd of millions.

I hope the article will make you aware of the mistakes that you have been committing and denigrating the spirit of competition. We never know what is there in the store for us. We just can have our fingers crossed and hope for the best to take place without expecting any ominous cloud hovering above our head.

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