Best countries to live in the world

Everybody has a dream to go on a foreign tour and if possible, settle themselves abroad. When you say, settling abroad it does not mean picking out any country of the globe, packing your luggage and just walking away. There are certain prospects and requirements to choose that country. Here we are going to discuss those prospects, why you should choose that country to live in.

1. Personal freedom

The first thing you should have in your life is freedom. You cannot think of a life where there is no freedom. Freedom does not mean you are under someone’s supervision. Freedom means you have the right to speak about your feelings, you can do whatever you like (all the legal work), practice your religion without hurting others’ sentiments.

2. Cost of living

The cost of living varies from country to country. For example, Switzerland is the most expensive country to live in followed by Norway, Iceland, Japan and more. You cannot cut down some of the expenses like food, accommodation, utilities. So, you must go through the cost of expenses you can afford to move on.

3. Healthcare

In this competitive world, you forget the value of your health and ignore spending some time on it. So before moving check through the healthcare facilities and healthcare insurance available in that country. No doubt, many of the developed countries consist of top-class hospitals, equipment and services. Many of the European countries, the United States, the gulf countries like the UAE have the best hospitality care for all kinds of diseases. One of the most interesting things about the UAE is that it has the best insurance policies for any category. You will be amazed to know that some of the best Insurance companies in the UAE also have their presence in most of the European countries. 

4. Education and Jobs

Education and Jobs are one of the important factors that should be given importance when you are thinking of moving to a different country. Because education is the greatest gift that cannot be earned by money. It is the process through which you can acquire knowledge, skill, value, and moral habits. It is also very important to improve knowledge, way of living along with the social and economic status of your life. With better education, you can expect a better job. Opportunities are many. You must have the courage to follow them and move forward. Job is not only an income source but also defines your standard of living and status in your society. So move to a country where you find a better opportunity in education and jobs and having low unemployment as the rate of unemployment is increasing day by day.

5. Safety and Security

Every year IEP releases a Global Peace Index report of different countries. Follow the list and make up your mind to choose the country based on the safety and security followed there. Take a proper survey of the rate of robbery, pickpocket, thieves, terrorists, a natural disaster takes place. Measure the happiness of the citizen of the country.

Many people want to enjoy the natural beauty present around their surroundings and some on the high skyscrapers around them. If you are a natural lover look for natural destinations like mountains, beaches, waterfall, the natural scenario for pure air, and a peaceful mind. And if you love to be around Manhattan, there are various countries such as Italy, Japan, the US, UAE, Switzerland and more.

So, taking into account the above-mentioned points, you would find it easy and have a better idea to pick out the best country to live in the world.

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