What’s Your Jawline? How To Identify?

Presently, a guy worth his salt in the field of fashion has to consider the form and influence of his jaw.  Your face shape will influence the best results on your haircuts, sunglasses, and makeup. Begin by familiarizing yourself with general categories to evaluate the facial structure. Classify your face with a few measuring measurements and use your new knowledge to select hairdos, make-up designs, and facial accessories. 

Try and Visit websites having the information on the basic type of face and the jaw shapes. That will definitely help you in determining the shape of your face. But if you are here and reading out this information then, I have got some basic standards that can easily help you identify the structure of your face and jaw area. Read the steps below and apply those tricks.

Get The Right Measuring Tools

You probably got a tape measurement for the builder that knocks somewhere. To make things easier with a convenient tape measure, such as the kinda tailor uses. Then take a notebook and calculate the following measurements in front of a mirror and record each of them as you go.

Start With Your Forehead First

You should figure out which portions are long, which ones are shorter and if they are all the same. To find out which facial shape you have. The forehead is a good starting point, so take it across the largest area-usually between your eyebrows and your hairline.

Measuring Your Cheekbones 

In choosing a hairstyle the spacing of your cheekbones is particularly important. Failure may throw out features such as your eyes. Measure yours by placing the tape in the pointed part below each eye’s external corner.

Take An Exact Measurement Of Your Jawline 

There’s also a jawline somewhere, even if you have a round fat shaped face rather than a slim face. Scale from the top of your chin to the bottom of your ear at the jaw angle to the upper edge. Obviously, on either side of your face, you have a jaw and you multiply the number by 2 for your jawline.

Measuring Face Length

How does the rectangular face differ from the square? Approximately 2 inches Drag the tape from the middle of your hairline to the tip of your chin to find out how long your face is. For people who are overcoming follicular issues with shaved or bald heads, measure the position of your hairline with an estimation.

Identify Your Face Shape Now

Once these measurements are available, remember that is the largest of the 4 as this will be the current. With all these measurements note down in some notebook you can look for some face shapes online and determine easily what can be your face shape.

For your information, let me tell you that there are seven major face shapes- oval, round, diamond, heart, oblong, square and triangular. After doing the measurement you can see your face in the mirror and read the estimates written on your notebook and you will get a rough idea about your face shape.