The Best Mountain Bikes You Can Buy In Philippines

Mountain bikes were very popular before the pandemic and now after this pandemic has hit all of us severely, the craze for riding mountain bikes reached an all-time high that many dealers were short of supplies. The pandemic has indeed taught us the real importance of being healthy and that’s what created a mindset among the people that if they keep their health fine, they are less vulnerable to viruses and bacterias.

There are a lot of mountain bikes that every person can buy even if they are beginners or experts. They can use them on smooth roads or drive them on rough terrains without any problems. But if you have got a lot of choices to buy then it becomes a really difficult task to choose the best among so many choices. 

Here we have a list of mountain bikes for where you can choose the best according to yourself. Differentiate mountain bike price in Philippines, differentiate mountain bikes on the basis of features, comfort and choose which suits you the best.

SAVA Deck 300

If you want a mountain bike that serves as value for your money then buying a SAVA Deck 300 bike would be perfect for you. The mountain bike is good for people who are beginners, who want a strong but lightweight bike that can be comfortable and safe at the same time. The bike is made out of TORAY T800 Carbon Fiber Frame, features continental tires, and for effective braking Shimano MT200 Disc Brake System does justice at the maximum. The suspension is also good and you can use this bike anywhere you want comfortably. 

Vmax LH Folding Bike

There are times when foldable bikes are much better than other mountain bikes as they can be carried anywhere in your car and require less space. If you are thinking of getting a foldable mountain bike then Vmax LH Folding Bike is a very good option for you. The bike has 24 speeds and does not carry much weight. At the height of just 26 inches, the bike weighs around  19 kg only. The steel frame of the mountain bike is made to absorb all kinds of rough terrain with the double-disc braking system ensuring your safety at rough routes.

Battle 590-D Mountain Bike

The Battle 590-D is another very impressive mountain bike that you can buy in the Philippines. The bike features 33-speed gear shifts with the Shimano MT200 Disc Brake System that ensures your safety in rough routes. The mountain bike is considered as value for money and the Comfy VELO saddle ensures that you feel comfortable in bumpy rides. The Alloy handle stem and bar look strong and feel premium when you get your hands on this mountain bike. The bike is good for people from all categories.

21-speed Phoenix Youth Bicycle

If you are looking for a perfect bike for your children then the 21-speed Phoenix mountain bike is perfect in every sense. The bike is made of the high carbon steel frame which provides a durable and ravishing look to the bike. Moreover, the bike is good for children who like to drive through mud and rough terrains to enjoy with the adults. With a 21-speed gear shift, anti-sleep, and wear-resistant pedals, foamed seats for maximum comfort this mountain bike has all the things that you would want from a mountain bike if you want something good for your children.