Cities famous for nightlife

When you’re looking to unwind, cut loose, and have some fun, you can’t go wrong with any of these destinations.

In this list, we’re looking at major cities that have become famous for their nightlife and entertainment options and cater to a wide variety of travelers looking to have fun.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Every year, millions of people get together in Rio de Janeiro for one of the biggest parties in the world, Brazilian Carnival. Though this particular party should appear on the bucket list of pretty much every traveler who likes to celebrate and doesn’t mind large crowds, the reality is, the party never really stops in the city. Rio’s nightlife has something for people of all walks of life. Want to dance the night away in a samba club, go for it. What a more conventional nightclub experience but with the intensity of the party cranked way up, take your pick.

Bangkok, Thailand

Nowhere in the world do parties go harder than in the capital city of Thailand after a day taking in all the cultural sights. Hit the town to see an entirely different side of the city. The city has recently seen a number of more high-end rooftop Bars and trendy cocktail lounges open up, but you can equally find bars of all shapes and sizes including those of the quieter more cozy variety. Khao san road is the place to party on the cheap, Royal City Avenue for those looking to dance, and don’t forget to try some late-night cheap eats from the food hawkers. 

Barcelona, Spain

This city’s hard-partying ways in a general zest for life have made it an international destination for those looking for a good time. Unfortunately, in recent years there’s been a fair amount of pushback against tourism in Spain. You might be there to party but for the locals, it’s their home. Party in a respectful manner and they’ll appreciate your business. I recommend starting your night off in Las Ramblas for dinner or drinks, then it’s a pick-your-own adventure type of night, from intimate watering holes to epic nightclubs and boat parties, Barcelona’s nightlife is happy to oblige. if you’re a big fan of live music, try to plan your trip around one of the city’s major festivals like Primavera Sound or Tomorrowland.

Beirut, Lebanon 

This Levantine destination isn’t just an it scene modern party city, it has a long tradition of good times. These days, travelers can be worried about traveling in the Middle East because of its recent history of conflict, but Lebanon is generally safe. In fact, you’ll likely be shocked by the lengths to which locals will go to be hospitable. A night of partying in Beirut isn’t complete without having made new friends. The waterfront home to rooftop bars and nightclubs is the epicenter of the city. But, you should also check out the neighborhood of marma hill and Jame Z Street for even more options.

Berlin, Germany 

Because party cities tend to start with the letter B, this is a destination that requires very little introduction. The city once divided by the infamous wall, Berlin is today a hub for all things cultural, from architecture, art, music, museums and historical landmarks to contemporary design and unparalleled infrastructure. The food scene is also top-notch. Yet somehow, Berliners manage all of this while also maintaining their reputation for unparalleled nightlife. Your evening is likely to start off at a beer hall sampling the country’s world-famous brews, but fast forward a few hours, and you’re apt to find yourself dancing in a sea of sweaty people at a techno club.

Berlin is a city that likes to have fun and doesn’t judge.

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