How I made 1000$ Million in a year

The year 2019 was an unpredictable one for me. There were so many things that made this year memorable. Life has changed a lot after this year. The most important aspect of this change was the change in my thought process. There was a time when I was under-confident, shy and emotionally weak. Now, I have come to a stage where I am the most confident person I know. I have started working smarter and this has made me rich.

One of the best decisions I took in 2019 is the decision to start trading. I had heard about the concept of online trading way back in 2015. However, I never intended to go on that path until I heard of the stories of successful traders in India.

There are a lot of traders in India who have become very successful from this simple act of trading. I have read about all of them and I have even got into contact with some of them. My interest in this subject was so much that I would spend nights learning the ins and outs of trading. I would buy stocks and sell them according to my perception and beliefs.

There was a lot to learn in this industry. I had made up my mind to spend my time dedicatedly in learning this wealth creation strategy. There was a lot to learn and I had decided to give it a considerable amount of time to figure out the things. I wanted to be the best in what I was doing. 

From hours and hours of learning and executing, I had come to a point where I could trade successfully every other day. I could pick the right stocks almost every time. Having said that, I did make a lot of losses during my initial days of trading. It was only my patience that kept me going. 

After about 3 months into trading, I had accumulated around 100$ million. That was the point where I decided to take it to the next level. I knew the secrets of selecting a good stock and I understood the methodology behind the rise and fall of a stock. All I had to do was get the process of buying and selling stocks. 

I reached out to a friend who was into software development. I discussed the idea of creating something where I could automate the process of buying and selling stocks with the help of artificial intelligence. It was a risky idea and I wanted to take the risk.

The whole process of building the portal took three months. It went on trials for another month. When it was finally launched, I had already made a profit of 450$ Million by then. The portal was open to subscribers who were ready to pay the subscription fee of 500$. The user base was very less in the first month. But, when they realized the true potential of this platform, more and more users joined in. In about 60 days, there were more than 500 users in the portal. This was the contribution that made me reach that goal of $1000 Million by the end of 2019. There was one more thing that contributed to this phenomenal growth. It was my pendant which was made out of Labradorite stone. I had read about this stone on I bought one for myself at the start of 2019. By the end of the year, I became a billionaire.

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