Matrix immediately reminds us immediately of the famous movie The Matrix. It was undoubtedly the greatest movie ever conceived of and executed. The concept of the movie is unimaginable till now and still gives us chills. If what was done in the Matrix is even remotely possible then we will as a human race be able to scale unscalable mountains. 

But maybe it really is possible. The Matrix actually taught me to believe in the immense and unstoppable capabilities of the human brain. We can do whatever we set our minds to. That is what the Matrix to me was all about. Expanding the power of our own minds and believing in that power.

Believing in our own capabilities and believing in it not just in the everyday sense of the world but believing in the ever-growing ever-increasing sense of the world is what will truly set us free. We see examples of this every day around us. We see people who have achieved the unachievable. There are people who have learnt entire dictionaries, scaled Mt. Everest, won sporting events after fighting cancer. There are many who cannot even think that they can do anything out of the ordinary. 

It is not that these people are born extraordinary. It is just that they have a higher self-belief than the rest of us and they have effectively harnessed their energies and converted it into extraordinary success. We all can do that if we throw out the self-doubt that is infecting us from within and embrace our true capabilities. 

Matrix is also a mathematical equation that has left many students bedazzled. It is a rectangular array of numbers or expressions arranged in rows and columns to represent something. It can be a 2*2 or a 3*2 or 10*5 matrix or any such other combinations. Matrix is generally introduced at the senior secondary stage and though fun and scoring for many students, it is also a stunner for others.

A matrix can be used to solve represent a set of linear equations. A matrix has numerous forms and types. A matrix can be a diagonal or triangular matrix, identity matrix, symmetric matrix, definite matrix, infinite matrix, empty matrix etc. The matrix has numerous applications. It is used in a wide variety of places. A matrix has its use in Graph Theory, Analysis and Geometry, Probability theory and statistics, Symmetries and Transformations in Physics, Linear combinations and quantum states, Geometrical optics, Electronics and many more.

One of the famous forms of the matrix is the Ref and the Rref form and a matrix of any numbers is often reduced to these forms. The rref calculator is one such tool which is often used to convert any matrix into the rref form to be used.

We have seen the same word matrix being used in so many different forms. The movie matrix which expanded our mental thought processes using the computer world and coding processes. And the mathematical matrix which is practically used in different ways.

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