The Importance Of School In Our Life

A school is a place where we construct ourselves for the future in a way that paves the way full of opportunities ahead in life. I have always been concerned about my future which I still am but the skills and principles I learned during my school days stand by my side whenever I find myself at a loss in life. My initial education has always helped me in making decisions and executing plans that have always been best for me.

It helped me a lot

The knowledge that I gained in my initial stage of life is still making me stand in the crowd. All those periods that I hated the most, all those teachers I used to avoid coming in front and all those exams that filled my life with dread finally came to my rescue whenever I found myself in hot waters.

Never let me feel low

Even today as an accountant in a Canada based firm, where I find myself struggling with HST Calculators and everlasting intricate accounts never bothered me a bit. I never let myself fall in the hands of the circumstances despite my normal schooling like most of the Indians. I have successfully made an entry in the world of my dreams. Though I did face problems in the beginning, the education that my school imparted to me makes these high-end concepts like HST calculators a cakewalk for me. I had no idea then that when I learned to create truth tables I would also learn to handle more complicated mathematical concepts. But, as luck would have it, learning to create truth tables had made me come into terns with the truth that I could be anyone I wanted if I had the will to do what it takes to get there.

It can never be debated

None of us can deny the importance of school in our lives. The role that schools play in the life of an individual can never be debated on any platform. We all have been provided with the best experiences of our teachers and parents who perfectly served us. School has always been the pioneer in making the progress of a kid. They are the one to build the foundation of society by educating the human resources.

Getting nostalgic is the only thing that I can do

I kind of hated school because of the monotony it served. But now that I am capable enough to think of the doors it opened for me. I love it the most and desperately want to go back. I still remember sitting at the last bench making fun of everybody around. I wish I had not done that. I should have dragged as much as possible.

I consider school the reason behind my success as it helped me to make into the best college in the country where I studied to pave my way into a glorious present. It is very common to get nostalgic and miss those old days. But really I can not express all my thoughts in just a few words.

Believe it or not

Make the most of the school by completely indulging yourself into it. A school is a place that moulds your tender mind and prepares it to face challenges of life. No matter how far you get in life, the knowledge gained in school will always prove to be the axe we need to chop off the weeds of difficulty.

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