What Not To Do On Your Facebook Business Page

Having a Facebook business page is an integral part of online business marketing today. Almost all major businesses have their business pages on Facebook. A lot of engagements happen on these business pages. This makes the business gain more traction in the online space.

While there are a lot of tips on making the best use of your business page on Facebook, there is hardly any resource that tells you about the precautions you need to take as a Facebook business page owner. This article covers some major points as to what are the things that you should avoid doing on your Facebook business page. Go through these points to find out if you are doing any of them and make the necessary strategic changes that are required for your business page.

1. Avoid posting too often

Having a Facebook page doesn’t mean that you need to keep posting on your page every hour of the day. Do not post more than two posts a day. When you post too often, your fans might get irritated and unfollow your page.

2. Avoid posting only about your business

One of the mistakes that most business page owners make is that they keep posting only promotional content on their pages. Remember, people are following you on Facebook because they want some value from you.

When you keep posting only about your business and brand, you do not provide value to your audience. Make sure to post informational and engaging content on your page from time to time. This will be more beneficial to your business than posting about your brand or product all the time.

3. Don’t forget your customers

As a business owner, one thing that you should never forget is that your customers are your top priority.

Never make the mistake of alienating your customers. Engage with your customers, reply to their comments on your posts and do everything to make them feel special.

Till a few years back, a lot of business owners used to buy Facebook comments to increase engagement on their posts. Even today a lot of people buy Facebook comments in hopes of getting more engagement on their posts. However, this is not very useful now as fake Facebook comments lack personalization.

The best thing to do for increasing engagement with your audience is to genuinely care about them and help them in every way possible. Replying to their comments is the best way to help your audience and build a good relationship with them. If you do not have the time to reply to your customers’ comments, have someone do the work for you.

4. Do not avoid using videos

Videos are the new trend in the Facebook marketing space today. Having a Facebook video on your page results in increased user engagement and conversion rates. Make sure to use videos on your Facebook page.


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